The studio art program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that enables students to gain a deeper understanding of their own ideas and how they relate to larger historical and cultural contexts. Courses at the 100 level stress fundamental aspects of visual literacy. Courses numbered 200 through 499 offer increasingly intensive study in painting, printmaking, sculpture, expanded media, and drawing. We have an outstanding scholarship program, and we encourage majors to apply for these awards.


Our faculty to student ratio allows students to receive individual attention both in and out of class. Studio art classes are taught by professors and working artists with MFAs, rather than graduate students. Our students develop their own artistic voices, concepts, and vocabulary while honing technical skills. Students learn the traditions of drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpture and may combine these areas with performance, installation, and moving-image. Studio art majors participate in solo and group reviews of their work. Professional development is included in the studio as well being the focus of Art 411, a seminal course with practical skills for transitioning to top-tier graduate schools and careers in the arts.

Program Tabs


Students have 24-hour access to work space on campus. Our facilities include sculpture and installation studio, two printmaking studios, and a Mac Lab with current Adobe software and a 3-D printer. Additionally, there are several drawing, painting, and foundation studios and two designated student galleries. Upper-division painting students have individual studios.

Our noteworthy Visiting Artists program provides students personal interactions and critiques with world-renowned artists including Marina Abramovic, Alice Aycock, Ann Hamilton, Wangechi Mutu, Philip Pearlstein, Do Ho Suh, and Bill Viola. To learn more about studio art or to arrange a visit, please contact Felix Oliveros, Academic Advisor.