TitleBuilding and Sustaining Language Degrees Online: The Case of German and Spanish
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuthorsHeiduschke, S, David, P
Book TitleOnline Language Teaching Research
PublisherOSU Press

This essay chronicles the planning and development of two online bachelor degree programs in German and Spanish at Oregon State University (OSU). It covers the history of online language teaching at OSU and provides detailed insight into curriculum planning, course setup, course development, and teaching experience. The article shows obstacles faced in the process of developing and teaching the online degrees and presents strategies used to overcome them. The authors conclude with a set of best practices for the development of language curricula in an asynchronous environment. They suggest that the successful implementation was possible due to the synergy of four factors: first, an institutional pledge to provide financial support for course development and program marketing; second, motivated faculty dedicated to teaching languages online and interested in a long-term commitment to development and revision of the curriculum; third, the separation of technical expertise from content development; and fourth, the training and further professional development of faculty.