TitleInhabiting Indianness: Colonial Culs-de-Sac
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBarnd, N
JournalAmerican Indian Culture and Research Journal
Pagination27 - 45
Date Published2010
ISBN Number0161-6463
Keywordscolonialism, geography, indian, native american, street names

This article offers original research on the national use of Indian-themed street names in residential areas, with an analysis of the content and commentary on the spatial implications. In addition to the research on the quality and quantity of such spatial markers, the author situates this data in relation to the racial composition of the neighborhoods and communities in which they appear, showing such locations to be exceedingly white spaces. His research and analysis demonstrate that the use of Indianness in street naming is uniquely prolific, extending across state and regional differences, and following a few culturally normative templates. Further, the use of Indianness in street naming is distinctive in referencing racialized peoples while marking white space. (Contains 5 figures, 3 tables and 30 notes.)