TitleOregon State University Cultural Centers Oral History Collection, 2013
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBarnd, N, Fernandez, NMaria

The collection consists of seven born digital audio recordings of interviews with undergraduate and graduate student employees of the OSU Native American Longhouse. These recordings were originally captured in *.wav format, files which have been saved as preservation copies for each interview. Access *.mp3 files have been created for each interview as well. All interviews held in the collection have been transcribed by the staff of the Special Collections & Archives Research Center. Researcher access to both the collection's audio and transcripts is available on site and online. All interviews were conducted by either Natalia Fern┬Ěndez, the Oregon Multicultural Librarian and a staff member of the Special Collections & Archives Research Center, or Dr. Natchee Barnd, professor of Ethnic Studies at Oregon State University. Topics touched upon in the collection's interviews include: Native American culture; working at the OSU Native American Longhouse; events hosted by or affiliated with the Native American Longhouse; the Quonset hut and Eena Haws Native American Longhouse facilities; diversity initiatives at OSU; the evolution of interviewees' personal identities as people of color; negotiating life at OSU as a student of color; and the future role of the Native American Longhouse both on campus and in the community.