TitleOutsiders and Justice Consciousness
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsInderbitzin, M
JournalContemporary Justice Review
Pagination357 - 362
Date Published2003
ISBN Number1028-2580

The foundations of my justice consciousness lie in two books that share the name "outsiders." I was introduced to S.E. Hinton's novel before I was a teenager and it was my first real contact with the "Greasers," the "Socs," and a world of juvenile delinquency divided by social class. Written by a 16-year-old girl around the time I was born, I think it was this book that initially sparked my fascination with juvenile delinquency and the study of crime. I pursued this interest in college and became concerned with inequality and the ways in which our social surroundings shape our choices and our life chances. Reading Howard S. Becker's classic statement of labeling theory in his version of Outsiders changed my perspective again and I have never looked at the world in quite the same way since.