Because of your engagement with the OSU Center for Latino/a Studies and Engagement (CL@SE) at Oregon State University, we wish to inform you of its status and immediate future. A faculty working group has spent the last several months reviewing the goals and vision for the center, past accomplishments in light of original plans, and the current environment for supporting this work. The working group has developed a recommendation for re-establishing the center founded on community engagement, and has set a framework for sustained funding. We agree in principle with the plan set forward by the group and anticipate a return to operational status. Until the initial steps of center formation are complete, however, CL@SE will continue in an inactive state. 

Going forward, we commit to maintaining an initiative within the Division of University Outreach and Engagement focused on Latinx issues that emphasizes the role of community engagement-especially as it relates to educational pathways as performed by the award-winning Juntos program.  Additional developmental projects are anticipated as faculty and partners are identified within the OSU academy and beyond. We will seek active partnerships and resources over time to build towards a robust program focused on Latinx issues. That is our mission—to better understand issues and develop solutions in partnership with those we serve. 

Your continued engagement with this work is important. The faculty working group will help to refine dimensions of the Latinx Initiative and we will keep you informed. If you have something you wish to communicate about the Initiative at this time, please send it to 

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Center for Latin@ Studies and Engagement News