The mission of the Center for Latin@ Studies and Engagement is to promote engaged research and outreach devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding of Latin@ life chances and the issues shaping their lived experiences in our state, region and beyond.


  • To promote excellence in engaged research, teaching, and outreach in Latin@ Studies.
  • To establish an action-based agenda which will promote the economic, political, physical, and educational well-being and development of the Latin@ community in rural and urban Oregon.
  • To serve as a model for enhancing university’s capabilities in similar targeted research and engagement efforts.
  • To foster engaged research that is collaborative, trans-disciplinary, and community oriented; furthering both theoretical and applied knowledge to solve real world problems.


CL@SE supports learning, research and engagement opportunities for teaching faculty, professional faculty, and students interested in opening a dialogue between Oregon State University and the Latin@ communities it serves.  CL@SE encourages public engagement on the histories, cultures, languages, resources, and politics affecting Latin@ populations, and will establish a transnational space for critical reflection, study, and exchange of ideas. The aim is to engage in transdisciplinary work, fostering the creative convergence of knowledge and experiences produced in our communities to bear on our teaching, research, and service activities.


The Center is collaboratively supported by the College of Liberal Arts, the office of the Provost, the Research Office, and the Division of Outreach and Engagement at OSU. In addition, it involves over 70 affiliate faculty members from various colleges throughout the university and affiliated community partners.  External research and engagement funds will be sought in Center’s second year.

Community Partners provide conduits for student engagement, engaged research with faculty, and community engagement.  Currently, MOU’s with Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County, Pineros y Campesinos Unidos Noroeste (PCUN), CAPACES Leadership Institute & Centro LatinoAmericano represent the first wave of community partnerships.  Additional MOU’s and other forms of community partnership will be added in the upcoming year.


The Center for Latin@ Studies and Engagement, founded in 2012, is currently one of two Latino research centers in the state of Oregon. Integrating the study of Latin@ communities in the United States with analysis of the histories, politics, cultures, and transnational identities; CL@SE offers unique opportunities for analyzing a wide range of themes. These include colonialism, race, ethnicity, gender, nationalism, globalization, immigration, economic development, language and identity, and more. Research and outreach on issues surrounding the Latin@ population affect every discipline at OSU and are integrated into all three university strategic areas: healthy planet, healthy people, and healthy economy. The growth of the Latin@ population in the U.S. and particularly in Oregon affects important disciplines at OSU such as: arts, humanities, social sciences, public health, public policy, agriculture, STEM education, business, engineering, education, and all areas surrounding issues of diversity and social justice.


 1. Youth and Community Empowerment

 2. Socio-Economic Well-Being

 3. Health and Wellness

 4. Education

 5. Cultural & Historical Awareness