ADELANTE Leadership Advancement Program

CL@SE's main program for student engagement is ADELANTE, a program which has been designed as a way to promote and recognize Latin@ student leaders and their contributions to the economic, social, cultural and environmental progress in Oregon, the nation, and the world.

Students in this program develop valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, social engagement, multicultural awareness, communication skills, while becoming more active members of their community.

This is a two-term (Winter/Spring) program consisting of a team capstone project as well as weekly two-hour sessions facilitated. Cultural Identification, Culturally Responsive Leadership, Decision Quality, Inspiring Innovation, Group Dynamics, Leadership and Politics, Social Justice, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and more.

Instruction is done through social interactions within the group and with guest speakers. Space is provided for discussing and exploring leadership and how it creates positive social change in our world. Over a ten-week period, the instructors will create space for meaningful, interactive, and experiential learning processes to occur on and off campus. Although facts and theories will be addressed, ADELANTE is about moving beyond these forms of instruction and focusing on the experiential learning processes.

Students may participate in the program on a voluntary basis without receiving credit, or earn credit hours (typically as an elective) at a cost.

After completing the program students will receive a certificate of completion.

To learn more about the ADELANTE Leadership Program read the program overview (pdf). Details about the program's vision, purpose, goals, and objectives can also be found here (pdf).


Adelante en Acción (AeA)

Members of the Adelante en Acción (AeA) sponsored student organization promote educational justice for underrepresented students.

Members apply leadership development skills learned through the Adelante Leadership program to support and empower new Latino students and beyond. 

Our outreach efforts include bilingual tours in Spanish for Latino K-12 students and their families, as well as connecting with rural students through the Beaver Hangouts online mentoring program.  AeA is open to all Oregon State students. 

To become an official member, students must first participate in the Adelante Leadership class.  AeA welcomes any student to participate as an event volunteer.