Centers and Initiatives on Campus 

Websites and Blogs of Affiliated Faculty and Programs

  • Jacob Hamblin's website. (Director of the Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative)
  • Michael P. Nelson's website. (Professor of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Ruth H. Spaniol Chair of Renewable Resources, Lead Principle-Investigator for the H.J. Andrews LTER Program.)
  • Kathleen Dean Moore's website.
  • Anita Guerrini's website. (Horning Professor of Humanities)
  • Raymond Malewitz's blog (assistant professor, School of Writing, Literature, and Film)
  • Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder's website. (Assistant Professor in the School of Writing, Literature, and Film.) His blog is titled: "Kinesis:On rhetoric, motion, and technical projects"
  • Chris Anderson's website.  (Professor of English)
  • (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)
  • Matthew Betts Forest Landscape Ecology Lab's website.
  • Oregon State University Research Collective for Applied Acoustics (ORCAA)'s blog.
  • Oregon's People, Places, and Society (blog by Lena Etuk, a Social Demographer at Oregon State University Extension Service)
  • Ground Truthing Social Justice (blog by Philosophy professor Joseph Orosco)
  • Gallery, Slough and Swale: Riparian conservation & restoration around the Willamette Valley. (blog)

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