The institute will be held at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, located eighty miles south of Portland.  It is ranked as a leading land-grant research university, housing thirteen colleges and eleven research facilities including the Center for the Humanities and the Linus Pauling Institute.  The renovated Valley Library’s collection contains over 1.5 million volumes, 14,000 serials and more than 500,000 maps.  The Valley Library also holds an important Berber studies collection in the US.  Although still embryonic, this collection promises to grow in the future thanks to a number of prospective outside contributions.

Oregon State University has the necessary facilities to host the institute participants.  Given the general satisfaction expressed by 2007 participants and scholars, the intention is to again make housing arrangements with the ILLC, which is part of the OSU housing system and which offers daily and weekly rates during the summer.  And, as in 2014, the proposed institute will take place in the ILLC’s conference facilities.  In addition, reserved spaces in the library will afford participants the necessary amenities for study and research: laptops, Ethernet connection, copy machines, study carrels.  Across the quad in Kidder Hall, the Department of World Languages and Cultures will also provide administrative support to the participants for the duration of the Institute.  Office space and full administrative assistance (including technical assistance from the OSU’s media center, also housed in Kidder Hall) will be made available to the six guest lecturers during their stay at OSU.