Inner Nature Podcast Series

A collection of conversations between thought-leaders exploring the intersection of contemplative practice and environmental action. Co-produced with the Contemplative Studies Initiative. (Programming held Winter 2023.)


Lookout: Envisioning Futures with Wildfire

An 11-week lecture series exploring how we are shaping this era of megafires and how it is shaping us. (Programming held Winter 2022.)


Pandemic as Portal Lecture Series

In the midst of the pandemic, we invited visionary thinkers to imagine the world anew in a nine-week lecture series. Speakers came from many perspectives, from writing, philosophy, and history to architecture, music, and filmmaking. (Programming held Winter 2021.)

The Nature of Isolation

During pandemic lock-downs, Spring Creek Project explored how sheltering in place can change our relationship with nature in a month-long video series featuring writing, art, and music from contributors throughout the U.S. and around the world. (Programming held Fall 2020.)

Bedrock Lectures on Human Rights and Climate Change

This online lecture series on the human rights implications of climate change features leading scientists, attorneys, writers, community leaders, activists, and artists. (Programming held Winter and Spring 2018.)

The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal Session on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change

Spring Creek Project virtually hosted an international tribunal examining the human rights impacts of fracking and climate change. (Programming held Spring 2018.)