The H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, which is home to the Long-Term Ecological Reflections program, has hosted many visiting artists and inspired many artworks. Some of these works are on display at the Andrews Headquarters and many have been featured in the art exhibits detailed on this page. We extend our gratitude to the artists who have shared their inspirations.

Art Exhibits Featuring Works from the Andrews Forest

Artworks drawing inspiration from the Andrews Forest have been included in exhibits in diverse venues in Washington, DC, and in the Oregon cities of Corvallis, Eugene, Portland, Roseburg, and Salem.

  • Long-Term Ecological Research Art Exhibit at the National Science Foundation featuring artworks from 11 LTER sites. National Science Foundation Office, Washington DC, 2013. Learn more in the exhibit brochure, an NSF newsletter article about the exhibit, and the exhibit announcement in Science magazine.
  • Long-Term Ecological Research Art. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon. 2013.
  • ROT: The Afterlife of Trees featuring 25 artists. Corvallis Arts Center, Corvallis, Oregon, 2106; the World Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon, 2016. To learn more, visit ROT: The Afterlife of Trees (downloadable exhibit catalog with artists' statements).
  • Andrews Forest Long-Term Ecological Reflections Art and Writings. World Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon, 2016 to present.
  • Forest Investigations by Bob Keefer. Jacobs Gallery (at the Hult Center, but no longer operating), Eugene, Oregon, Spring 2015.
  • Ambient by Leah Wilson. Umpqua Valley Arts Center, Roseburg, Oregon, 2015.
  • Sparky in the Woods by Bob Keefer. Laural Fischer Gallery at The Tate, Eugene, OR. Fall 2017.
  • Solstices and Equinoxes by Leah Wilson. Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, 2017.
  • Old Growth Dialogue: Magical Realism Meets Real Time Data by David Paul Bayles. Joan Truckenbrod PopUp Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon, 2018.
  • Metanoia Catalyst by Leah Wilson (with Kate Ali). Gray Space, Hult Center, Eugene, Oregon, 2018.
  • Solstices and Equinoxes (additional works) by Leah Wilson. Joan Truckenbrod PopUp Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon, October 2018.

Art Displayed at Andrews Forest Headquarters

Over the decades, several artworks have graced the Andrews Forest headquarters site. These works have been inspired by the forest and its creatures and in many cases span the art-science interface.

  • Terry Cryer. Mural on the stage of the conference room, paintings in the dining hall, and other works throughout the headquarters site.
  • Leah Wilson. Ambient: October 11, 2014, between 10:55 AM and 3:42 PM Watershed 1, Lookout Creek, and Watershed 3. Oil on wood panels. Displayed in the Greenhouse.
  • Bob KeeferHJ Andrews 2014.11 and 2014.12. Hand-colored photographs in the Greenhouse and photography in Forest Under Story, and young forest on stump hand-colored photograph (image on the back side of page and the subject matter is in the forest next to the Gray Barn).
  • Andries Fourie. Andrew’s Web. Metal sculpture from the ROT exhibit. Displayed in the dining hall.
  • Jeanne Drevas. Tree Round with Ants from the ROT exhibit. Displayed in the pavilion.
  • Mary Bates. Awaken. Old-growth canopy fiber art. Displayed in the office area.
  • Elizabeth Farnsworth. Triptych of leaf, lichen, and flower on a backdrop of topographic maps. Displayed on library bookshelf.
  • Bonnie Hall. Endangered Silverspot. Screenprint in the office. Note also her illustrations in the Parsons et al (1991) publication Invertebrates of the Andrews Forest.
  • Joseph Tomelleri. Mack Creek Cutthroat Trout. Painting. Displayed in the office mail room.
  • Gila and Tim Fox and teen artists. A YouthArts project through Lane Arts Council. McKenzie River Light Quilt—standing Stained Glass panels. Displayed in the dining hall.
  • Josh Krute and Ellie Tu. Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir 2016 print and painting in conference room. 136 Year Old Douglas Fir print in the dining hall.
  • Christine Roberts. October Afternoon After Field Work. Watercolor.  

For additional information about some of these artists and works, visit ROT: The Afterlife of Trees (downloadable exhibit catalog with artists' statements) and The Forest Log

Top photos: David Paul Bayles exhibit in Corvallis, Oregon; bottom image: Leah Wilson artwork on display at Andrews Forest headquarters.