The Cabin at Shotpouch Creek is a lovely cedar-and-hemlock, two-bedroom cabin nestled in the Oregon Coast Range on a 70-acre nature reserve about 25 miles west of Corvallis, Oregon. The cabin is centered around a spacious living/meeting/writing area with a wall of windows looking out onto Shotpouch Creek, a tributary of the Marys River. From the cabin, miles of hiking trails climb into the forest- and fern-covered hills. With its steep wooded hillsides, skunk-cabbage swales, creeks, meadowlands, and ridgetops, this 40-acre nature reserve and writing retreat will remain forever a place of peace, creativity, and natural beauty. The cabin is nicely furnished and has a well-equipped kitchen, heat/AC unit, and telephone. There is no internet service or cell phone reception.

The Land and Creek

Shotpouch Cabin is located within the traditional homelands of the Ampinefu or Marys River Band of Kalapuya, Wusi’n or Alsea People, and the Yaqo’n or Yaquina People. Following the Willamette Valley Treaty of 1855 (Kalapuya etc. Treaty), Kalapuya people were forcibly removed to reservations in Western Oregon. Today, living descendants of these people are a part of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians.

Shotpouch Creek is the beginning of a watercourse that supports the migration of cutthroat trout, pacific lamprey, and many other aquatic animals to and from the Pacific Ocean. Shotpouch Creek flows to the Tum Tum River, which flows to the Marys River, then the Willamette River, and then the Columbia River, which enters the Pacific Ocean just west of Astoria, Oregon.


Residency Programs

Shotpouch Cabin

Collaborative Retreats

The Collaborative Retreat at the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek is a two-week-long retreat for two participants who wish to pursue a collaborative project, or two participants who each have individual projects and who anticipate a synergistic benefit from each other's presence.

Close up view of green flowers

Graduate Student Research and Writing Residency

OSU faculty members are invited to nominate graduate students in the humanities or environmental sciences for a writing retreat at Shotpouch Cabin. The Retreat is offered to OSU graduate student(s) who are engaged in a place-based writing and/or research project such as a thesis or dissertation project, independent study, or internship in the humanities or environmental sciences. 

Close up view of a white trillium

Trillium Project

The Trillium Project is a residency program that takes place during the spring wildflower season and focuses on the Cabin and the Shotpouch land.  We welcome proposals from people of a variety of backgrounds—artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, composers, and others—to visit for a day or a few nights and engage thoughtfully with the land by writing, studying, listening, and creating.



A wooden cabin wall with hanging farm tools

Working and Writing the Woods—A Volunteer Work Party and Free Writing Workshop

During these biannual, all-day events at Shotpouch Cabin, we begin by working on the land—planting cedars, restoring trails, removing invasive blackberry. In the afternoon, we share lunch and then gather in the cabin for a free writing workshop.