About Collaborative Retreats

At the Spring Creek Project, we believe that the writing life is far richer than the myth of the solitary individual, struggling alone to put words on paper, would suggest. The Collaborative Retreat at the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek recognizes that writers are part of a dynamic system of writers, readers and wider communities. Unusual energy and inspiration can emerge when people from different backgrounds work together in a place of natural quiet and beauty.

The Collaborative Retreat at the Cabin at Shotpouch Creek is a two-week retreat for two participants who wish to pursue a collaborative project, or two participants who each have individual projects and who anticipate a synergistic benefit from each other's presence. At least one of the applicants must be a writer who takes inspiration from the natural world. The second applicant may also be a writer, or he or she may work in any other field (e.g., science, philosophy, music, art, crafts, etc.).

Apply for a Collaborative Retreat

We are currently reimagining the Collaborative Retreat residency. We will post updates here when applications for the new residency program open.

Previous Collaborative Retreat Recipients

Summer 2020

  • Kia Addison and Fatima Nur, writers
  • Lina Menard and Ian McCluskey, writers

Spring 2020

  • Tom Titus, writer, and Emily Poole, illustrator

Summer 2019

  • Matt Jones and Jess Jelsma Masterton, writers
  • Kristen Baum DeBeasi, film composer and writer, and Janine Pibal, writer and puppeteer

Spring 2019

  • Laura Maher and Onalee Roe, writers
  • Laura Rink and Victoria Doerper, writers

Fall 2018

  • Suzanne Frank and Angela Just, poets and photographers
  • July Hazard, poet and playwright, and Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, ecologist and writer

Spring 2018

  • Lisa Schonberg and Kristina Dutton, musicians
  • Carol Soth and Chris Neely, writers and artists

Fall 2017

  • Joe Aguilar, writer, and Kate Mcintyre, editor and teacher
  • Adelheid Fischer, writer, and Buzzy Sullivan, photographer

Spring 2017

  • Heather Winterer, poet, and Jacqueline Lyons, poet and writer

Fall 2016

  • Nancy Au, writer, and Carson Beker, playwriter
  • Mericos Rhodes, writer, and Sally Landefeld, biogeochemist and ceramicist

Spring 2016

  • Nancy Mitchell, poet, and Sam Bland, photographer
  • Ariana Cantu, fiction writer, and Mackenzie Waller, illustrator 

Fall 2015

  • Fatima Mirza, writer, and Kyle Peets, visual artist, writer, and bookmaker 
  • Pamela Petro, writer, and Marguerite Harrison, writer and artist

Spring 2015

  • Melissa McCartt-Smyth and Sarah McCartt Jackson, performance artist and poet
  • Shareen K. Murayama, poet and Craig T. Murayama, architect and artist 

Fall 2014

  • Katrina Hays and Steven Burnett, writer and photographer
  • Austin Bunn and Sorrel Brae, screenwriters 

Spring 2014

  •  Aerienne Russell and Vanessa Breeding, poets and songwriters

Fall 2013

  • Maxine Martell, artist, and Martha Gies, writer
  • Roger Reid and Wendy Reed, writers
  • Christopher Dewan and Bree Barton, writers

Spring 2013

  • Michael G Smith, writer, and Laura Young, visual artist and photographer
  • Erin Rhodes and Beth Gilstrap, writers

Fall 2012

  • Christy George, writer, and James O'Neill, photographer
  • Mathew Dickerson and David O'Hara, writers

Spring 2011

  • Cathleen Casey and Andrea Riner
  • Katen Munro and Laura Gibson

Fall 2011

  • Ariel Burke and Tanya Lynn Willard
  • Danniel Schoonebeek and Allison Pary
  • Ann Staley and Jenny Lee Fowler

Spring 2010

  • Maleea Acker, poet, and Jonathan Brown, writer and radio producer
  • Christopher Arigo, sculptor, and Karen Olson, writer and designer

Fall 2010

  • Ellie Belew and David Milholland
  • Kate Lebo and Jennifer Foster

Spring 2009

  • Sharmon Hilfinger, playwright, and Joan McMillen, composer

Fall 2009

  • Joan and Rick Maloof, writer and photographer

Spring 2008

  • Beth Russell, poet, and Katie Orendorff, graphic artist
  • Ellen Orleans and Dawn Paul, creative non-fiction

Fall 2008

  •  John Savage, flutist, and Claudia Manz, poet

Fall 2007

  • Laura Gibson and Heather Goodman, fiction writers
  • Carol Bosworth and Be Herrera, creative non-fiction and poetry

Fall 2006

  • Ruben Casas and Joe Aguilar, fiction writers