The Trillium Project is a residency program that takes place during the spring wildflower season and focuses on the Shotpouch Cabin and land. It is an exploration of the meaning of place, specifically, this forested, creek-threaded corner of the Oregon Coast Range. We welcome proposals from people of a variety of backgrounds—artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, composers, philosophers, photographers, and others—to visit for a day or a few nights and engage thoughtfully with the land by writing, studying,

listening, and creating. You are invited to come to reflect, write, draw, photograph, compose songs, etc., about the Shotpouch place itself, its history or philosophy or fungi or topography or trout or licorice ferns or soundscape or anything else on the land that calls to you, and to interact with others who are equally involved with the land. 

Note: Acceptance of applications for Trillium Project are on hold because of Covid-related precautions. We will post an update here when we begin accepting applications for this residency program again.

More about Trillium Project

Our vision for the Project is that people will come and go from the cabin, exploring the creek, meadows, and upland forests, encountering new people and new ideas as they go about their explorations. Our hope is that as people find inspiration and information in this special place, they will also find interest in their encounters with others who are equally involved with the land. And so people will create passing collaborations, share their perspectives and expertise, and learn to see the land through a variety of lenses. The Cabin is a lovely cedar retreat on 45 acres of forest and meadows in the Coast Range near Burnt Woods, and it is the location for many Spring Creek events and writers-in-residency programs. The cabin is also an idea, a set of values, a nature reserve, and a work in progress. The cabin holds the Trillium Project offerings—poems, sheets of photographs, lists of noises, field guides to frog song. We welcome you to freely explore the land and add to its gifts so that you and future visitors may become acquainted with the special qualities of the Shotpouch land. 

Please consider the following when applying: The cabin is about a 40-minute drive from Corvallis. You will need to provide your own transportation, food, camping gear if you plan to camp, and computer if you need one. There is no Internet connection or cell phone service at the Cabin. The Shotpouch land is a certified game refuge, so please plan on leaving your dog at home. The cabin and Shotpouch property are completely non-smoking. If your proposal is accepted, we’ll contact you with further information about the cabin and land.

Length of stay: You are welcome to apply for a one- to four-day stay at the Cabin. Note that the weekends fill up quickly during the Trillium Project.

Overnight accommodations: Overnight visitors have the option of camping or residing in the Shotpouch Cabin. The cabin is heated and has a shower, a small kitchen, and two private bedrooms. Each bedroom can accommodate one individuals or a couple. Good camping spots are available in the garden meadow or in the orchard. All visitors, including campers, are encouraged to enjoy and make use of the common areas of the cabin including the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Cabin-dwellers may be assigned a cabin-mate of the same gender that will use the other bedroom. 

Group applications: Small groups are welcome to apply. If your group needs more than two bedrooms, there is ample space for camping on the Shotpouch land.

"My gratitude to all whose imagination and life energy made this place available to us—to me this time. I have been blessed by my time here."

"I cannot begin to tell you how much this opportunity means to me and has given me a gem of memory. Thank you."

—Trillium Project Residents

Art by Brittney West/Plant Posse