About Working and Writing the Woods

We host Working and Writing the Woods gatherings twice a year in the spring and fall.  During these all-day events at Shotpouch Cabin, we begin by working on the land together—planting cedars, restoring trails, removing invasive blackberry. In the afternoon, we share lunch and then gather in the cabin for a free writing workshop. 

Workshop leaders have included Nathaniel Brodie (spring 2019), Scot Siegel (fall 2018), Karen Holmberg (spring 2018), Ellen Waterston (fall 2016), David Lukas (spring 2016), John Campbell (fall 2015), Cathleen Corlett (spring 2015), Jeff Fearnside (fall 2014), Matt Love (spring 2013), Jen Richter (fall 2013), Jennifer Boyden (spring 2013), Peter Sears (fall 2012), Ana Maria Spagna (spring 2012), Henry Hughes (fall 2011), Kim Stafford (spring 2011), John Larison (spring 2010), Ingrid Wendt (fall 2009), Ann Staley (spring 2008), Charles Goodrich (fall 2008), Judith Barrington (spring 2007), and Joanne Mulcahy (fall 2006).

Join us for the next Writing and Working the Woods

This program is free and available to anyone, including students, community members. All levels of writing experience are welcome. Space at the cabin is limited, so registration for these events is required. Please join our email list to receive notices about the next gathering.