Saturday, February 15, from Noon to 7:30 pm at the LaSells Stewart Center

The Radical Reimagining Fair is the serious playground of the symposium, an innovative space where we will use the energy of the event to begin new alliances and test different sets of ideas about how to live on the Earth. It will take place in the hallways and smaller rooms of the LaSells Stewart Center, and fill the time in between speakers.

We’ll fill the Fair with creative, engaging, interactive tabling experiences—participatory art projects, how-to demonstrations, campaign and project launches, and acts of creative disruption in service to environmental and social justice. Our hope is that these activities will positively affect and involve communities long after the symposium has concluded.

Organizations and Projects at the Radical Reimagining Fair

Act on Climate

  • About us: Act on Climate is a newly registered nonprofit organization whose purpose is to address the need to take individual and collective action on personal, local, regional, state, national, and international levels to reduce the human contribution to the global climate crisis, to help others understand that we must take significant and quick action now and to facilitate that action, as best we can, through every available means in our power. 
  • Tabling project: Our table will have handouts, flyers, and videos of recent direct actions on megaloads in Oregon, featuring images of the megaloads and protesters from the Umatilla Tribes and participating organizations.  We will also have images of training for direct action conducted by Act on Climate.
  • Learn more: Come by our table at the Fair to learn more about us!

Benton County Community Rights Coalition

  • About us: Benton County Community Rights Coalition (BCCRC) was formed to educate citizens about their rights to local community governance that will establish in local law our right to a sustainable future.  We believe that as free citizens, we must elevate our community’s rights above corporate claimed “rights” and state preemptions that currently usurp our ability to decide the system of agriculture in our own community. We assert our community’s right to a sustainable food system, seed heritage, and the inalienable rights of nature to exist, persist and flourish.
  • Tabling project: Our interactive game “Life of Environmental Activists” will have participants navigate the environmental regulatory system and see if they can win.  They will also be able to play the game that demonstrates how activists are “allowed” to navigate the current laws and legal doctrine, and how that limits their ability to stop environmental harms to the people, nature, and the planet.
  • Learn more: visit

Bhakti Yoga Club at OSU

  • About us: Bhakti Yoga Club at OSU is a student group that spreads ancient wisdom & culture through the mediums of music, philosophy, yoga, meditation, and vegetarian cooking, thus establishing the science of the soul. The purpose of BYC is to encourage study and discussion of all aspects of Vedic culture by the students, staff, and the greater community of the Oregon State University. The Club thus aims to provide a stress-free and wholesome environment to its members, and provide information on the means to achieve it in our daily lives!
  • Tabling project: At this tabling event, we will discuss and promote vegetarian diet as a lifestyle that will bring significant change in individual's health and nutrition, better environment, solve the issue of poverty and humane treatment of livestock. This way of life was what helped humans live on this planet successfully without disrupting its environment for 1000's of years.   
  • Learn more:

Campus Recycling

  • About us: Waste Watchers is a joint group of Campus Recycling and the Student Sustainability Initiative whose mission is to engage students and the community in waste reduction at OSU by providing educational programming, meaningful opportunities for action, and empowerment of future leaders.
  • Tabling project: Do you really need to buy that again? Stop by the Waste Watchers’ booth to see what you can do to help further reduce your waste with our “Not Shopping List.” Also learn about upcoming events and how you can get involved in Waste Reduction.
  • Learn more:

CoHo Ecovillage

  • About us: CoHo Ecovillage is a multi-generational group of individuals and families working to create an old-fashioned neighborhood in a new way.  Our focus is caring about each other and the environment.  Our community has grown beyond the 34 condo-like units, and the Common House and 6.8 acres we share; to include neighbors who having chosen to join our community in this adventure, have become "Associate Members" and "Friends."
  • Tabling project: We want to invite you to spend time with us; experience some of this life we have created together.  Come visit our booth, see pictures and hear stories about the richness of the life we share.  Learn about the upcoming (and on-going) schedule of events; and decide if you would like to visit/participate.  There are regularly scheduled meals shared in the Common House each with a cook crew and clean-up crew; workdays; and tours; as well as many other scheduled and special events.  Hope to meet you!
  • Learn more:

Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

  • About us: CCDS is committed to both democracy and socialism.  Our strategy is organizing, educating, uniting, and mobilizing a progressive majority, both in the electorate and in the country as a whole.
  • Tabling project: We will have a quick game for 2-5 participants to play adapted from the "public goods" game.  We also will show a board game called Co-opoly where participants try to make a cooperative work.  Lastly, we’ll have handouts to share on many subjects, including socialism, capitalism, etc.
  • Learn more: visit our table at the Fair!

Community Library of Corvallis

  • About us: The Community Library is a cooperative project that aims to nurture learning, critical thought, creative imagination, and community building among the residents of Corvallis by offering free books and literature. We aim to help people better understand our history, politics, and social life together. Our books are free and available on the honor system: take a book, leave a book, or pass a book along to someone who might need it. We are happy to take your donations. Knowledge belongs to the community.
  • Tabling activity: At the fair, we hope to be sharing the idea of free libraries and alternative economies based on mutual aid and the communal nature of knowledge.
  • Learn more:

Corvallis Area Move to Amend

  • About us: The movement to amend the Constitution recognizes that the causes of so many of the problems we face today are from the corrupting influence of mega corporations and their wealthy owners and investors on our electoral and legislative processes.  This influence has come about from Supreme Court decisions that have declared corporations persons with Constitutional rights and that money spent on elections by natural persons or corporations is a form of speech and can't be limited.  Move To Amend seeks a Constitutional amendment that overturns these two damaging Supreme Court notions.
  • Tabling activity: Imagine your ideal future.  Does it have public clean water for all?  Are greenhouse gas emissions in decline worldwide?  Are foods safe and nutritious?  Explore with us the impediments to these and other dreams.  Dreamers will receive an edible treat and an appreciative thank you.
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Corvallis Arts Center

  • About us: The Arts Center is a community supported non-profit dedicated to integrating the arts into daily life.  Located in the historic white church building next to Central Park, at 700 Madison Avenue in Corvallis, OR, it operates an art gallery, sponsors temporary exhibits in surrounding communities, offers art classes and camps for children, provides art programs in area health care facilities and brings art education to  at-risk children and youth in area schools and other facilities.
  • Our project: Our tabling activity will involve conference participants making prayer flags which embody their hopes and intentions for our world, their “re-imaginings” for our future.  Participants will draw, collage, write, or all of the above on small squares of paper, to express their “reimaginings”.  All of the conference participants’ “reimaginings” will be strung together and flown in the tradition of Himalayan prayer flags.  In the Himalayas, prayer flags are flown to bless the surrounding countryside, with the wind spreading the good will and compassion written on the flags.
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Corvallis Environmental Center

  • About us: The Corvallis Environmental Center’s mission is to educate, engage and inspire people to create a healthy, sustainable community.  Our programs include Avery House Nature Center, the Edible Corvallis Initiative and Energize Corvallis.
  • Our project: Calendula is a versatile flower that can brighten up a salad, cheer up a garden and even help heal wounds.  Make your own seed packet to take with you.  Learn about the seeds of change being planted at the Corvallis Environmental Center and plant some of your own!
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Corvallis Sustainability Coalition

  • About us: The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals working together to promote an ecologically, socially, and economically healthy city and county. The Coalition includes nearly 300 partner organizations: businesses, non-profits, faith communities, educational institutions, local government, and hundreds of individual volunteers representing a diversity of interests.
  • Our project: Spin the “Vision Wheel” to see what the future looks like for our community in 12 topic areas: Community Inclusion, Economic Vitality, Education, Energy, Food, Health & Human Services, Housing, Land Use, Natural Areas, Transportation, Waste Prevention, and Water. Tell us what you’re doing to help usher in this community vision, and type your thoughts into the Coalition’s Facebook page – then share it with your friends!  Throughout the afternoon, we’ll offer special activities by our Food, Transportation, and Water action teams.  
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Energize Corvallis

  • About us: Energize Corvallis is a partnership of energy saving programs: Neighborhood Sustainability Stewards, Communities/Campus Take Charge, Energizers and Green Shares funded by an EPA Climate Showcase Communities grant.  The programs represent levels of commitment from personal actions, community volunteering, to building contractor incentives. Partners include: OSU Extension Benton County, City of Corvallis, Corvallis Environmental Center, and The Resource Innovation Group.
  • Our Project: Participants will be taking cars off the road by pledging actions to lower their greenhouse gas emissions.  Decorate your car, write your pledge, and add it to the hanging mobile to represent your commitment to a better future.
  • Learn more 

First Alternative Co-op

  • About us: First Alternative Co-op is the original natural food store in Corvallis, and the last independent, community owned source for groceries in the region.
  • Our project: Follow the history of the Co-op from its start as a bulk buying club in 1970 to a full-service grocery with two locations and nearly 10,000 owners. Predict what you think the future will hold for food and make one pledge increase your sustainability through food choices.
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Jana Svoboda, LCSW

  • About: I am a clinical social worker who has extensive experience working with individuals, children, and families in a variety of settings.
  • Project: Stop by for tips on happiness, remaining creative, and gathering energy and community for continuing the good work of caring for the environment and addressing serious concerns about the planet. Sign up for free upcoming workshops on bridging ideological divides, managing anxiety, and increasing happiness. Put a wish or haiku on the community hope tree. 
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League of Women Voters Corvallis

  • About us: The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Formed from the movement that secured the right to vote for women, the centerpiece of the League’s efforts remain to expand participation and give a voice to all Americans.
  • Our project: Vote for radical change! Each participant will get 3 “votes” to indicate their priorities for radical change. Add your action ideas to our “Wall of Radical Change.”
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Marys Peak Group--Sierra Club

  • About us: The Corvallis, Marys Peak Group—Sierra Club leads hikes to various scenic destinations, and works to preserve irreplaceable wildlands to protect this fragile environment we call home. The Group uses grassroots action on environmental issues that matter and make a positive difference, for example they recently worked to pass the ordinance banning single-use plastic checkout bags in Corvallis.
  • Our project: Our activity will be decorating postcards that will eventually be delivered to the Corvallis City Council.  On the front of the postcard you will creatively explain:  “Why we need to work on Climate Change.”  You can do a painting, a collage, poetry, expository writing, or where ever your muse takes you. We will provide various art supplies.  The most creative postcards will eventually be displayed at various public locations.
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Oregon State Geoscience Club

  • About us: Oregon State University Geoscience Club is an academic club for students interested in the Earth Sciences which include Geology, Geography and Earth Systems.
  • Our project: We will have a demo that people can set up which will illustrate the Greenhouse effect. Under a lamp, there will be two cups with thermometers. Event attendees can put a piece of dry ice in one of the cups (we will provide gloves) and watch as the temperature increases faster in the cup with dry ice.  This activity demonstrates how carbon dioxide acts as a greenhouse gas. The only difference between the two beakers is that one has higher amounts of carbon dioxide than the other. The one with more CO2 has a higher temperature.
  • Get involved: Come visit us at the Fair!

OSU Food Group

  • About us: OSU Food Group is a student run organization that promotes seasonal, sustainable, and local foods. We hold events, classes, and discussions to further our community’s knowledge on those three key topics.
  • Our project: We will be hosting a food waste trivia game to test participants’ knowledge on food waste in our country. We will also be having a crafting activity for fair participants to decorate magnets with their food sustainability goals to put on their fridges at home.
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OSU Sustainability Office

  • About us: The OSU Sustainability Office acts as the primary support organization for sustainability efforts at Oregon State University. We foster a culture of sustainability, aim to enhance student competency around issues of sustainability, reduce the university’s overall environmental impact and communicate sustainability efforts.
  • Our project: Our booth will have information available about alternative transportation options throughout the Corvallis community and current sustainability efforts and successes on the OSU Campus. In addition, we will have an interactive light board for participants to see the astounding difference in energy consumption between fluorescent, incandescent, and LED bulbs. When you stop by our booth and sign up for Oregon’s carpool matching network, DriveLess Connect, and receive some of our office swag in return!
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Pacific Green Party

  • About us: The Pacific Green Party is the Oregon wing of the international Green Party, based in the peace and environmental movements.  Our goal is to transform our politics, creating a genuine multi-party democracy expressing the values of environmental sustainability, peace, participatory democracy, and social justice.
  • Our project: We will carry out a demonstration of Instant Runoff Voting, giving everyone a chance to vote and announcing the results at the end of the Fair.  We will also be circulating initiative petitions to greatly expand the Bottle Bill and to end further construction of fossil-fuel infrastructure in Oregon.  And as always, registering voters and seeking to engage new members.
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Producing for the Future/Produce for the People

  • About us: Produce for the People began as a research collaboration with OSU to study the effects of gardening on low-income youth. Now we engage community members of all ages in learning and service around gardening and local food systems in Corvallis, and donate large shares of our harvest to local agencies supporting low-income people.
  • What we’re doing at the Fair: Help us plant starts for our garden! We will create starting pots out of simple recycled materials, and you can take them home or leave them with us to start in our greenhouse. We will also display information outcomes for youth of Producing for the Future, a low-income youth garden project at our site.

Seven Lives of the Sun

  • About us: Seven Lives of the Sun is an organization you don’t have to join . . . because you already belong. Visit our table to learn more and to receive a free gift you can’t live without!
  • Our Project: Every food tells a story, yet how many of us pause to listen before swallowing? This table, entitled "Narrative Soil: Reimagining Sustenance," will offer some ways to listen to the stories we pile on our plates. But beware! What our daily bread has to say about how to live well on an altered planet, or any planet, might come as a shock. 
  • Get involved: To contact Seven Lives of the Sun simply turn off your computer, tuck your cell phone in a drawer and immerse yourself in the worldwide web of life where every forest grove, every tree and every leaf is a website packed with inspiration.

Students Engaging Tomorrow

  • About us: Students Engaging Tomorrow is a student organization at OSU that promotes environmental justice through education and action. Our current campaign is OSU Divest, the movement to get OSU's investments out of fossil fuels.
  • Our project: OSU currently has 6% of its investments in fossil fuels. Come let us know where you would reinvest this 6% in a variety of renewable energy sources if it was up to you. We'll also explore the current state of our renewable energy future, and let you know ways you can do your part for the OSU Divest campaign.
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Terra Magazine

  • About us: Terra is a general audience research magazine produced by the Division of University Relations and Marketing at Oregon State University. We connect our readers to the latest findings in energy, Earth systems, natural resources, health, the economy, the arts and the social sciences.
  • Our project: Two student reporters (Olivia Poblacion and Dylan McDowell) will be capturing video footage of the Radical Reimagining Fair to be featured on the Terra website. We will be conducting brief interviews with attendees, focusing on the question, “Which ideas/innovations for mitigating and adapting to climate change are your favorite? Why?”
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Unitarian Universalist Climate Justice Steering Committee

  • About us: The Climate Justice Steering Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis works from a grounding in UU principles to address the urgent concerns of environmental, climate, and social justice. Activities include working with other organizations and faith communities to provide education on climate issues and action and how these relate to other aspects of social justice, participating in direction action, working to decrease carbon emissions, and striving to offer hope from a faith perspective.
  • Our project: Using yarn and small cards, we invite participants to make linkages between issues of social and environmental justice, on the one hand, and basic values (our UU Principles and/or their own personal values) on the other.  As the only faith-based organization in this mix, we feel it is important to draw attention to the power of explicitly grounding action for justice in ethical and moral principles. We will also provide cards for people to record, after they complete this activity, one action/value they are pursuing or would like to pursue, leaving one copy on the table and taking one copy home.  
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Veterans For Peace- World Beyond War

  • About us: Veterans for Peace is an international non-profit organization which tries to educate the public about the true costs of war.  We have joined other organizations in supporting a new international project, World Beyond War, which is aimed at abolishing ALL wars, not just the less popular ones.
  • Our project: Come help us abolish ALL war. This sounds pretty radical until you look at historical examples of abolition victories, e.g., slavery. Visitors to the table will be encouraged to sign a pledge of support for a new project called World Beyond War and by deconstructing and demonstrating the flaws in the paradigm which suggests war is inevitable.
  • Get involved: and

  • About us: 350 Corvallis is a local chapter of, a grassroots climate change action group with hundreds of chapters around the world.  We work to peacefully oppose big oil, gas and coal through public demonstrations, education and advocacy, to bring about the change we need.
  • Our project: We welcome you to join us in our time machine.  There future is uncertain with more than one path ahead of us. Let's work together to explore the actions needed to get us on the path that will lead to a stable climate.
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