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Friday, February 14, LaSells Stewart Center, C&E Auditorium

1 PM                        Welcome

                                Rob Nixon, “Slow Violence, Environmental Activism, and the Arts”                          

2                              Susana Almanza, “Resisting Environmental Racism”

2:45                        Carolyn Finney, “Radical Presence: Race, Place, and Other Stories of Possibility"                                    

3:30                        Break

4                             Panel: Rob Nixon, Susana Almanza, Carolyn Finney; Joseph Orosco, moderator                 

7:30                        Amy Franceschini, “Excursions through Domains of Familiarity and Surprise” 


Saturday, February 15, LaSells Stewart Center, Austen Auditorium

10 AM                     Welcome

                              Tim DeChristopher, “A Movement with Soul”

10:50                     Sarah Van Gelder, “Finding Our Places in Transformative Times”

11:30                     Kathleen Dean Moore, “On the Morning of the 8th Day”

12:15 PM                Lunch

1:15                       Panel: Tim DeChristopher, Sarah Van Gelder, Kathleen Dean Moore; Michael Nelson, moderator

2:15                       Joanna Macy (via live video)

3                            Break

3:30 - 6:30             Workshops, Film and Literature Festival, and Radical Reimagining Fair

7:30                       Ursula LeGuin and Kim Stanley Robinson

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