Picturing Nature in the Hubble Photographs
February 24, 2009
In her lecture, "Picturing Nature in the Hubble Photographs," Flo Leibowitz professor of Philosophy at OSU, discussed how the Hubble images influence our concepts of the sublime in nature, and the concept of “seeing” itself. In his lecture, "Toward an Ethic of Solidarity," Tony Vogt, instructor of Philosophy at OSU discussed what social movements, including environmental movements, can offer insights into what might constitute an ethics of solidarity.  

White and yellow flower against a green background

Re-inventing Ecological Restoration: Re-storation or Pre-storation?
February 17, 2009
In the discussion, “Re-inventing Ecological Restoration: Re-storation or Pre-storation?” Anita Guerrini, Horning Professor in the Humanities, and Stan Gregory, professor in Fisheries and Wildlife talked about the changing concept of ecological restoration. In these times of accelerating change -- new government and old policies, increases in hope and decreases in funding, increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and sharply decreasing time to act—we are offered a huge, maybe a last, opportunity to re-think the meaning and goals of ecological restoration.

A quiet river in the woods

New Metaphors of Restoration of Forests and Watersheds
September 20-22, 2002
As we work to restore damaged and altered landscapes and reframe our relationship with the land, what new metaphors can give meaning and direction to our efforts? During this three-day, three-stage event sixteen writers and scientists examined this question; shared ideas with a public audience in a performance that included music, readings, and lectures; and then discussed their ideas with a group of restoration practitioners. The event was co-sponsored by the Forest Service.

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Exploring the Meaning of Watershed 'Health'
October 19-21, 2006
The symposium brought together twenty distinguished creative writers, thinkers, artists, and ecologists to engage a critical question in this time of destruction and restoration: What is a healthy watershed? Are there analogies between watershed health and human health? What is illness in a watershed? The final symposium event included a larger group of people who were in a position to use these ideas for practical purposes—watershed council members, health practitioners, environmental activists, legislative leaders.