Humanities fellowships support OSU faculty in their research and creative projects. They also provide an opportunity to share ideas with diverse public audiences. Fellowships target your needs and are flexible, although you must consult with your school director as you plan your application. Fellowships for academic year 2024 to 2025 will focus on all forms of creative projects and scholarship relating directly to OSU’s land grant mission to serve the diverse population of our state. Faculty with projects foregrounding Latinx, Indigenous, Black, Asian, and Pacific Islander voices, history, literature, philosophy, and any other approaches related to fine arts and humanities methodologies are welcome to apply. Please reach out to Nicole von Germeten at for more information.

As you develop your proposal, consider the following:

  • Does the proposal clearly define the subject of study?
  • Does it demonstrate the value of this project within a wider context?
  • Is the expected outcome clear?
  • Does the proposal present a method of carrying out this study within the proposed period?
  • Does the proposal contribute to an inclusive vision of the humanities, with an emphasis on OSU’s land grant mission and promoting access to the humanities for all our state’s residents?

Request additional grant and fellowship support by inquiring here.