CLA Pre-Med Advisor: Ashlei Edgemon     
Phone: 541-737-0561
(To make an appointment please call the number above and tell the receptionist you are interested in the pre-med program.)


Pre-med Resources

  • More information about medical school, and careers in medicine, can be found at the College of Science's Premedical website.
  • GS 410 - Medical Preceptorship: The medical preceptorship program is designed for junior and senior pre-medical students interested in gaining valuable experience in the medical field. Students are matched with community physicians according to the student's interests and availability in local hospitals, clinics and physicians' offices.
  • Pre-med Listserv: Subscribe to the pre-med email list for information about upcoming events, application workshops, campus visits, etc.
  • Premedical Orientation Class - BI 109: Spring term. General information is provided about the application process, the MCAT, admissions, volunteer opportunities, etc. and various speakers are also included.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Shadowing and Healthcare Experience
  • OSU Medical Humanities Program