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What do we do?

The CLA Proposal Development Office offers many services to help College of Liberal Arts faculty, graduate students, and staff to craft and submit competitive funding proposals.

Grant Searches.  Have an idea and need help finding a matching funding opportunity?  We can schedule a coaching session to make sure that you are maximizing your search. Schedule with a Request for Grant Support.

Workshops & Training.  Throughout the year, research-related workshops and events are available to faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Proposal Development and Coordination.  Proposal development support will depend on project needs, but could include:

  • Coordinating submission of multi-investigator projects, subawards, collaborative proposals
  • Developing submission timelines
  • Creating checklists and templates
  • Higher level of support to large projects and early career faculty

Budget Development, Cost Share, & Administrative Support.  We will collaborate with you to develop a project budget that meets project needs and administrative requirements of the university and the sponsor.  Pre-award support is also provided with the administrative components of the proposal.  Please reach out for guidance if you think the sponsor expects cost-sharing or matching funds in the proposal.
Grant Review. In conjunction with the Office of Research Development, our office can connect you with grant writers and facilitate peer review of large proposals with adequate notice.

  • RED team reviews.  When requesting a review, please contact the office as soon as you find out about the solicitation.  These reviews are generally limited to very large proposals.
  • Internal review. Our office can provide a review of whether solicitation components are addressed in the draft proposal narrative, with priority placed on large proposals and those submitted by early-career faculty.  These reviews should be scheduled at least 10 days in advance of the submission and will be returned within 24 hours of receipt.

The earlier, the better.

Putting together a competitive, well-written research proposal can sometimes take several months.  Deadlines and other time constraints can lead to hasty decisions.  With enough time, grant applicants can incorporate feedback, suggestions, comments, and edits to the proposal components.

We are here to assist you throughout your proposal development. To make sure every request gets the full attention it deserves, it would be in the faculty's best interest to adhere to the following timelines:

As soon as you find out about the opportunity, typically 3 to 6 weeks before your deadline, please notify us of your plans to prepare a proposal application.  We can look at the agency's funding history and help you liaise with the program officer. 

7 days before submission, have your budget finalized to submit through Cayuse for approvals.The Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration requires three full working days to review your proposal before they provide comments on required changes before submission.  Keep that in mind as you proceed.  Same-day requests for service can rarely be accommodated.

Collaborative Proposals

When coordinating research teams, collaborators, supporters, and other participants, start early.  Developing those relationships and establishing those expectations need time and generally require a longer submission timeline.