Useful Templates


 - This template is specific to NSF, but much of the information is standard.

 - Useful if you need additional guidance.

NIH biosketch template and sample - NIH Biosketches are unique in that they include space for a personal statement.

sciENcv - A researcher profile online system for formatting biosketches for research proposals to funding agencies such as NIH or NSF.

Budget templates

 - This Microsoft Excel template is a good start to develop any budget.  It is roughly modeled after the NSF budget page in Fastlane, and the template easily transfers to many other agency requirements.

 - This template is a good place to start.  It follows the above budget spreadsheet.

NEH Budget Template - This form is specific to NEH.

Please contact the CLA Research Program Office for assistance developing your budget.

Current and Pending Support template

 - A list of your current and pending funding support helps agencies justify that your past, existing, and future efforts will allow you to be successful.  While this template is specific to NSF, the form provides standard information that other agencies will accept.

Data Management Planning

DMP Tool - A data management planning tool for research proposals to funding agencies

OSU Library Research Data Services - The OSU Library has staff who specialize in data management.  They are experts that stay up on the trends for open access data and data management.

Other forms

 - Required by NSF and by NIH, this template will help you justify that the facilities you have at OSU or at your research sites are appropriate for you to accomplish your proposal objectives.  For many humanities and liberal arts faculty, such a statement will simply specify an office, a desk, a computer, as well as libraries or other such resources where research and scholarship will be conducted.

Additionally, NIH requires you to identify your projects Specific Aims.  Another NIH requirement is a Public Health Relevance Statement.  Samples and templates of these statements are available on the NIH Sample Applications and Summary Statements website

Addressing Broader Impacts

Broader impacts can be described as the societal benefit provided by and/or linked to research spending.  Broader impacts is a term used by NSF, although incorporating societal benefits into proposals will help you communicate the relevance and the immediacy of your research.  Here is a resource from the National Alliance for Broader Impacts to help guide your thinking.  And here is a link to a report produced by NSF called Perspectives on Broader Impacts.  Both of these documents will help thinking about the broader impacts of research.

Letter templates

- When an OSU faculty will serve as a co-PI on a proposal being submitted by another institution, a formal letter of collaboration is often required.

 - Often times, letters of intent, or of interest are required by some funding sources before you can submit your proposal.  This template includes some of the language you might need.

 - A statement about OSU is often required in some funding agencies' grant application processes.  Be sure to season this template with information about your schools and programs.