Mircalla Addams
Digital Communication Arts
Student standing in hallway looking at camera
Political Science, Public Health
anneka davys
Political Science
Student sitting on grass smiling at camera
History, Political Science
student sitting on stairs looking at camera
Psychology, Biology, Leadership
Student reading a sign at a museum
History, French, German
woman standing against wall looking at camera
English, Global Learning, Writing
student sitting and smiling at camera
History, Environmental Science
Student standing and smiling at camera
Social Science
Student crouching and smiling at the camera at the top of a set of stairs
Spanish, International Studies, Education
Brighid Rickman
Psychology, Medical Humanities
audrey saiz
Creative Writing, Journalism, Environment Science
student sitting and smiling at camera with a book in hand
History, Medical Humanities
woman posing in front of camera
Psychology, Computer Science