Fiscal Year 2019 Research Total

CLA awards for 2019 totaled $1.3 million in external funds for 22 projects.

    2019 Research Highlights

    • Kristin Macuga (School of Psychological Science) received $39,667 from the Army Corps of Engineers to study the influence of visual cues on collective behavior in crowds. 
    • Melissa Cheyney (School of Language, Culture and Society) received a total $181,232 from the American Institutes for Research for a project on improving patients' experience of respect and autonomy during maternity care. 
    • Loren Davis (School of Language, Culture and Society) received $74,854 from the San Diego State Foundation for his study "Archaeological and Biological Assessment of Submerged Landforms in the Pacific Coast. 
    • Drew Gerkey (School of Language, Culture and Society) received a total of $82,661 from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to research subsistence salmon networks in Yukon River communities.  
    • Jake Hamblin (School of History, Philosophy and Religion) received $89,538 from the NSF Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences for his project "Reconstructing Radiation: Nuclear Environments and the Downwinders Case." 
    • Christopher Stout (School of Public Policy) received $33,526 from the Russell Sage Foundation to study how accusations of racism influence partisanship and voting behavior in 21st century America.