Carolyn Maresh Award

Nathan Walters, CLA Student Services

Walters was recognized for learning and implementing the new MyDegrees program as well as his service as a graduation clerk. 

Robert J. Frank Award

Bryan Tilt, Associate Professor of Anthropology, SLCS

Tilt was nominated for the success of his first book, “The Struggle in Rural China: Environmental Values and Civil Society” and for more than 15 peer-reviewed journal articles. Tilt also has funding from the National Science Foundation for his work on a dam-impact assessment model. 

Thomas Meehan Award

Marisa Chappell, Associate Professor of History, SHPR

Chappell was nominated for her innovative methods to engage students in the classroom, which includes activities such as role playing historical figures and asking undergraduates to perform scholarly research. 

Bill Wilkins Award

Stuart Sarbacker, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, SHPR

Sarbaker was honored for his scholarly output, which includes one book already published and two in development.  Since 2009, Sarbacker has developed five new courses and has plans for more courses focused on the traditions of Islam in south Asia. 

C. Warren Hovland Award

Janet Lee, Professor of Women Studies, SLCS

Lee was recognized for helping to build the Women Studies program in its early years, and for her leadership as the program melded into the School of Language, Culture, and Society.