Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts!

The mentoring program in the College of Liberal Arts is a voluntary faculty mentoring program intended to offer guidance and support from more experienced faculty members. It is meant to provide you with a variety of information and resources to support you as you integrate into our community.

We realize that the demands on faculty in scholarship, teaching, and service are significant, and we are committed to your professional growth and advancement. Research has supported the importance of mentoring for academic and career satisfaction and achievement, and reports that mentors also gain a variety of tangible and intangible, career and social, benefits from the mentoring process.

Our faculty mentoring program consists of a combination of university-wide, college-level, and school-level activities designed to guide you through various stages of your career here at OSU. This website is a starting point for you to begin connecting with important campus resources, and events. Your school Director and colleagues will be your most important resources on campus during your first year at OSU. The Dean’s office will also be pleased to support you in whatever way we can.

Whether you are new to OSU, new to your position or want to seek professional development and advancement opportunities, this mentoring program can help you map out a path to success.

Best wishes for a productive and successful academic year.