Computer Accounts – Tenure track faculty will be issued two computer/email accounts through OSU: an “ONID” email account and an OSU exchange email account.  The exchange account [] is issued through Community Network/Information Services and is paid for by your unit. 


Your new hire paperwork must be processed by Human Resources before you are eligible for an ONID account. Visit the web address above and sign-up for an ONID account.  Your ONID account will allow you:

For easier e-mail management, you can forward your ONID e-mail to your address:

Center for Teaching and Learning - The Center for Teaching and Learning offers special workshops and events for teaching faculty.    The Center also offers a faculty development award competition twice annually, the Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Stewart Faculty Development Award.

FERPA Tutorial

Student Conduct and Community Standards 

The office of Student Conduct and Community Standards assists faculty and staff with the management and support of disruptive or distressed students.  See the Faculty and Staff Resources link for OSU’s Academic Dishonesty policy.

Disability Access Services 

Disability Access Services (DAS) facilitates access to University programs and services for students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy.

Student Health Services 

Counseling & Psychological Services 

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 

Media Services - Classroom Technologies

Classroom Technologies, issues a "unique access code" that you will use to gain access, via a touch panel, to the computer and projector technology in the classroom (e.g, to project PowerPoint slides, show a video, etc.). The code is only active in the classroom(s) that you are teaching in (and are verified in Banner) for the term you are requesting it. 

New instructors are asked to notify Classroom Technologies at the beginning of the term of room(s) they will be in for that term (confirmation e-mails are sent out).  Once instructors are in the access code data base, they will receive a reminder e-mail at the end of each term inquiring about the following term lecture locations.  Please reply to the e-mail with your room location(s), and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.  Your code can only be sent to an OSU email address, so make sure that is set up and working first.

Classroom Technologies will upload your code to the requested classrooms as soon as possible.  If you require access to classroom technology on short notice or your code does not work, please use the "HELP PHONE" in the classroom. It rings directly to a technician that will log you on remotely; and assist you with other audio visual matters in the room.

It’s a good idea to check your assigned room(s) before classes to see how everything works, and to check your room assignment closer to start of classes, as sometimes rooms shifted. If your classroom(s) change after you request your code, just call or e-mail Classroom Technologies with the room changes, and they will update the access code database. They may have to log you in remotely the first day of classes if they have a backlog, but they are very nice about it, so don’t hesitate to call. 541-737-2121

Blackboard - OSU uses Blackboard teaching portal – Use Blackboard to manage your classes, communicate to students, grade, etc. You will need your ONID login information to access blackboard.                

Syllabus - Minimum Requirements

OSU Catalog & Schedule of Classes

OSU Academic Calendars 

Academic Success Center