Many faculty members participate in the Environmental Arts and Humanities MA Program. The following have stated a willingness to serve on our graduate student committees, and these people come from a variety disciplines in the humanities, arts, sciences, and engineering. As you look for faculty members that match your interests, please note that many, but not all, are willing to serve as a major professor. For that role, you should try to identify faculty members who have expertise in the humanities and arts. For more information about them, please familiarize yourself with their faculty websites hosted by their home departments.

Name Academic Home Research or Teaching Interests Possible Major Professor
Barnd, Natchee School of Language, Culture, and Society environmental racism; artistic resistance and self-determination as environmental justice; issues of race, culture, space, and indigeneity.  Yes
Betjemann, Peter School of Writing, Literature, and Film nineteenth-century American literature; material culture; painting and literature Yes
Betts, Matthew G. Forestry landscape composition, animal behaviors, species distributions, and ecosystem function.  No
Biedenweg, Kelly 

Fisheries and Wildlife

conservation psychology and human wellbeing, applied research on human dimensions of natural resource management, program evaluation and facilitation, environmental education and social learning

Bradshaw, Julia  School of Arts and Communication photography Yes 
Carr, Emily Cascades Campus ecocriticism, feminism, contemporary poetry and poetics Yes

D'Antonio, Ashley


social science, policy, natural resources, sustainable recreation and tourism, human dimensions, outdoor recreation

Field, Katharine G. Microbiology water quality, dairy production, microbial monitoring;interdisciplinary education and STEM education for underrepresented groups. No
Figueroa, Robert School of History, Philosophy, and Religion environmental justice, environmental philosophy, climate refugees and resettlement, critical disability studies, environmental identity and heritage, Latin@s and indigenous perspectives Yes

Fonyo Boggess, Carolyn

Env Science systems ecology, systems modeling and analysis, embodied energy (emergy) analysis, watershed assessment, sustainable design for the environment, and sustainable business  No
Gerkey, Drew School of Language, Culture, and Society ecological anthropology, subsistence activities, market expansion, natural resource use, social networks, institutions, social movements, and sustainability Yes
Goodnow, Trischa School of Arts and Communication visual rhetoric; intersection between rhetoric and science Yes
Gosnell, Hannah CEOAS rural sustainability, environmental governance, collaborative conservation, social-ecological systems, resilience, adaptation, transformation, grazing systems, forest systems, public lands, emotional geographies Yes
Gottlieb, Evan School of Writing, Literature, and Film literary and critical theory (including ecotheory, New Materialism, and Speculative Realism) Yes
Graham, Chelsea CLA rhetoric, technology, communication  
Gross, Joan School of Language, Culture, and Society anthropology, food systems, nutritional health, food security, language Yes
Hales, Burke CEOAS carbon cycles at ocean boundaries; acidification Yes
Hamblin, Jacob Darwin School of History, Philosophy, and Religion history of science; environmental history; ocean and atmospheric sciences; nuclear issues; science and politics Yes
Holmberg, Karen School of Writing, Literature, and Film 20th Century American poetry, 19th Century British poetry and prose, science and poetry, Anglo-Russian studies, letterpress printing and visual poetics, the lyric essay, the novel in verse No
Jenkins, Stephanie School of History, Philosophy, and Religion ethics; critical animal studies Yes
Jensen, Tim School of Writing, Literature, and Film rhetoric and environment Yes
Jones, Julia CEOAS land use, climate change and disturbance effects on hydrology, geomorphology, water quality  No
Kile, Molly PHHS environmental epidemiology; human exposure to environmental pollutants; community-based environmental health outreach in Native American Tribes No
Lachenbruch, Barbara Forestry  ecophysiology, plant survival, biotic and abiotic stresses Yes
Lambrinos, John Ag Sci habitat restoration; beneficial insects; ecosystem services No
Law, Beverly Forestry climate change, extreme events and human actions on forests, woodlands and shrublands No
Leibowitz, Flo School of History, Philosophy, and Religion philosophy, technology, and environmental aesthetics Yes
Maes, Cari School of Language, Culture, and Society Modern Latin American history with an emphasis on Brazil. History of Public Health and Medicine. Maternal and Infant Health in Latin America. Yes
Maes, Kenneth School of Language, Culture, and Society Global Health and Development, Primary Health Care, Community Health Workers, Health Systems Strengthening, Food Insecurity, Water Insecurity, Mental Health, Maternal and Child Health, HIV/AIDS, Religion, Morality, and Ritual Yes
Maldonado, Marta School of Language, Culture, and Society Cultural and political geographies, place and belonging, social and political dimensions of natural resource use and management Yes
Malewitz, Raymond School of Writing, Literature, and Film environmental literature, animal studies, eco-criticism, new materialisms, literature and science Yes
Marcus, Craig Ag Sci toxicology, environmental risk analysis, uncertainty decision-making No
Munanura, Ian Forestry parks, recreation, and tourism Yes
Needham, Mark Forestry human dimensions of natural resources, recreation, tourism, and wildlife; social psychology of natural resource issues; marine and terrestrial parks and protected areas; ski area management; norms and standards of quality; carrying capacity and crowding; specialization; conflict; risk; social trust; survey and quantitative methods. No
Nelson, Michael P. Forestry philosophy and environmental ethics Yes
Peltomäki, Kirsi School of Arts and Communication history of art; experiential and participatory art Yes
Pflugfelder, Ehren School of Writing, Literature, and Film rhetoric, technical communication, mobility, writing studies, new media Yes
Price, Lisa School of Language, Culture, and Society food systems, farming, food security, gender, agro-biodiversity, ethnobiology No
Reason, Dana School of Arts and Communication Sound Studies, Acoustic Music Ecology, Sonification and Eco-Music/Sound  
Reeves, Joshua School of Arts and Communication media theory, rhetoric, technology, biopolitics Yes
Richards, Linda School of History, Philosophy, and Religion history of science, environmental justice, peace studies No
Sarbacker, Stuart School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Comparative Religion and Indian Philosophy, green yoga  Yes
Sanchez, Dana Fisheries and Wildlife Mammalian space use and habitat selection. Human-wildlife issues No
Schmittner, Andreas CEOAS climate science, impacts, paleoclimate, ocean physical and biogeochemical changes, communication of climate science Yes
Shay, Al Ag Sci Horticulture, landscape design, landscape maintenance, sustainable landscape construction  No
Shinderman, Matt Cascades endangered species ecology; environmental politics and policy; sustainability performance assessment; ecological assessment in urban landscapes; ecological restoration and species adaptation to climate change. No
Skarbakka, Kerry School of Arts and Communication photography Yes

Spalding, Ana K. 

School of Public Policy marine studies (integrated coastal management, resource use and property regimes, international marine policy, and marine protected areas), interdisciplinary research, human geography and development in Latin America (international lifestyle migration and the political ecology of socio-environmental change)  No
Still, Chris Forestry climate change; forest ecology; fog; cloud forests; forest canopy; C4 grasses; biogeography; ecophysiology; stable isotopes; terrestrial biosphere; carbon cycle Yes
Strauss, Steven Forestry genomic analysis and genetic engineering of tree crops; perceptions of GMOs and chemicals in agriculture and food. Yes

Tasse, Amanda

School of Arts and Communication  visualization, filmmaking, animation, video games, VR and interactive art, science collaborations Yes
Thompson, Allen School of History, Philosophy, and Religion environmental ethics, novel ecosystems, climate change mitigation and adaptation, conservation, environmental virtue ethics, stewardship, future generations, geoengineering, ecosystem management Yes
Tilt, Bryan School of Language, Culture, and Society environmental anthropology, sustainable development, pollution, water resources, community participation, natural resources, fisheries management Yes
Tilt, Jenna CEOAS Regional and rural land use planning and land use change; green infrastructure and low-impact development practices, risk perception, land use planning, and natural hazards management; urban ecology; water resource, and natural resource decision making No
Valls, Andrew School of Public Policy environmental justice; environmental racism; environmental political theory; environmental ethics; animals Yes
Vogt, Blaine (Tony) School of History, Philosophy, and Religion environmental values; speculative futures No
Walker, Gregg School of Arts and Communication conflict and environmental issues Yes
Ward, Megan School of Writing, Literature, and Film Victorian literature and culture; history of science and technology; colonialism and environment; imperial exploration; digital humanities; digital archives Yes
Yates-Doerr, Emily School of Language, Culture, and Society health, food justice, and social inequality Yes
Zhang, Shaozeng School of Language, Culture, and Society Science and Technology Studies (STS), environmental anthropology, economic anthropology, applied anthropology Yes