Schick Machine


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The sound of a summer storm's distant thunder and the rain on the roof - the memory of the late night sound of his mother's typewriter down the hall - these compel the sound collector and sonic inventor Laslo Klangfarben to attempt the creation of the Schick Machine, a wondrous mechanical device that consumes his every waking and dreaming moment. A giant motorized hurdy gurdy, a deconstructed pipe organ and an array of spinning and thrashing metal machines that seem almost to be alive - these devices and more fill the basement workshop of our possibly mad and possibly genius inventor as he nears the completion of his giant instrument that he believes can reconcile the past and the future. He thinks: "Theoretically it's sound. It's sound, theoretically, it's sound."

Collaboratively created by a multi-disciplinary team including composer/instrument builder Paul Dresher, writer/director Rinde Eckert, percussionist/performer Steven Schick, lighting and visual designer Tom Ontiveros, instrument inventor/educator Daniel Schmidt, and mechanical sound artist Matt Heckert, Schick Machine features percussionist Schick exploring a visually compelling world of mechanical devices, invented instruments and seemingly infinite sonic possibilities. He occupies a stage filled with large scale invented instruments, drawing the audience into a magical place filled with creative potential. The audience quickly relinquishes its expectations about what an instrument should look like, how it should be played, and what sounds it can make, and is enticed into a sonorous world of continual aural and visual surprises. Schick Machine has been created specifically to appeal to a broad range of audiences including families, youth and students and senior citizens.

Schick Machine Excerpts - Final Version from Mondavi Center

Event Date: 
Jan 18 2020 - 7:30pm
Event Location: 
The LaSells Stewart Center
Event Cost: 
All seats reserved. Adults: $30 - $35 Advance, $35 - $40 Door; Youth 17 & under: $10 with at least one adult; College Students: $10 with ID, one ticket per student