Photo of Professor Christopher McKnight Nichols

Photo: Mina Carson

Dr. Christopher McKnight Nichols was named an Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer on April 6, 2017, see his OAH profile.

Dr. Nichols was also named Director of the OSU Center for the Humanities as of January 1, 2017, see Life@OSU piece on the new position.

As of spring 2016 and active as of fall 2016, Dr. Nichols was elected as 1 of 33 Andrew Carnegie Fellows, this will be a several year fellowship to support a range of research, writing, and outreach activities related to the historical development of ideas about isolationism, internationalism, intervention, and globalization in US relations to and with the world, aimed at addressing "pressing contemporary issues related to democracy and international order".

Dr. Nichols has also just published an edited book that he co-edited and co-conceived, commissioning and editing every chapter (425k words), which aims to set the state of the field of the history of the US during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (as of March 2017).