Science that Breaks Your Heart: Coupling facts and morality to save our Earth

As a thinking community, we face a conundrum: Scientists uncover some of the empirical knowledge we need to save our planet and ourselves. Yet their devotion to neutrality — an unquestioned necessity in the lab — impedes their voices in the wider world.

The Invisible Fusion

Michael Nelson is an Environmental Humanities success story, a professional who transcends traditional conceptions of academic disciplines.

A Creative Venture

The College of Liberal Arts is hosting its inagural Scholarship and Creativity Fair on May 30.

A Calling in Pictures

Shae Wiliams unlocked a passion for photography at Oregon State.

Christopher Nichols

Fitting In

Christopher Nichols and his students focus on the role of the U.S. in the world.

Dr. Stephen J. Pyne: The Words We Use To Describe A World of Fire

One of the world's foremost experts on the history and management of fire talks about the use of language as it plays a role in preventing wildfires.

An Insightful Perspective: Gary Snyder and Environmental Humanities

Poet and author Gary Snyder came to Corvallis to offer his perspective on environmental issues through poetry.

Synapse Building: A World Café Among Climate Change Professionals

Climate change is a critical problem that supersedes disciplines and thus requires the combined resources, experiences, and wisdoms of all disciplines.

A Place of Belonging

Once a child immigrant, Susana Rivera-Mills’ past became her future.

The First Take

Jon Lewis' new book gives students an innovative look at film analysis