Pandemic as Portal: Creating a Just Future on Earth

Watch lectures from this series co-hosted by the Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative

WGSS Virtual Hangout!

Come hang out with fellow WGSS/QS majors and minors. Nov. 2 from 1-2pm

Queer Foundation Scholarship for undergraduate QS minors

The scholarship is now open for crowdfunding.

Prize winner Mindy Proski and Professor Joan Gross

Food Justice Paper is Prize Winner!

Mindy Proski, winner of the 2019 Christine Wilson Undergraduate Student Award, pictured with OSU Professor, Joan Gross wrote her award-winning paper for ANTH/FCSJ 361. Food Justice, with Professor Joan Gross

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Hands touching during pandemic

“Artists as human beings can increase awareness by breaking barriers around people’s minds,” says Iranian environmental artist and activist Naeemeh Naeemaei speaking at Oregon State University

Naeemaei spoke in detail about her environmental justice work, art, and lived experience in the U.S. and how they inform her work.

Black Lives Matter and Say Her Name Banner

Statement of Solidarity

The Faculty of Ethnic Studies at Oregon State University stand with OSU’s Black students, faculty and staff, and with Black communities across the nation. We vow to continue teaching histories of resistance to anti-Black racism and to inspire new creative

Andrea Haverkamp

"A lot of the challenges I run into are a level of political disengagement in engineering"says Andrea Haverkamp, PhD candidate in environmental engineering with a Queer Studies minor

Haverkamp's engineering research is deeply informed by feminist research methods, queer theory, and centers resiliency and desire instead of deficit and damage.

Aneeq Ahmed, WGSS Master's student, is looking at Sufi poetry and traditions to explore what a queer and trans-focused Islamic feminism looks like

Ahmed's work focuses on ways to use Islamic cultural forms and practices to engage in queer and trans storytelling.