Shane Scaggs and Drew Gerkey

Anthropologists Research Traditional Harvesting in Alaska

Shane Scaggs and Drew Gerkey work to understand how traditional harvesting skills adapt to a changing world.

Buddy Terry taking a photograph

At the Intersection of Anthropology and Film

Buddy Terry’s first full-length documentary, on food in Ecuador, has achieved international success.

Carry Me Back to OSU

Alumna Caitlyn Douglas is paving the way toward a future in music while staying true to her roots at OSU.

Karla Rockhold assisting a student

CLA's Career Champion

Karla Rockhold is connecting CLA students to great opportunities, and helping alumni give back.

Applied Journalism

Applied Journalism Is Here!

Ending a 26-year hiatus at Oregon State, The School of Writing, Literature, and Film is proud to announce the return of a journalism curriculum in the form of an Applied Journalism minor starting Fall of 2018.

Photo of Sydney Phu in front of flower bush

Where can a certificate in the medical humanities take you?

Sydney Phu MHC ‘19 has been conducting research on stem cell tourism in the Biomedical Ethics Research department at the Mayo Clinic.

Photo of student Sarah Settimo

Reflections on the Path to a Religious Studies Major

Sarah Settimo REL'19 was drawn to OSU because she wanted a different experience than the one she had when attending a small private Catholic high school.

Photo of Alum Maanas Tripathi with city scape in background

The unexpected benefits of a history degree when applying to medical school

Maanas Tripathi HST’ 13 is an Internal Medicine resident at Las Palmas Del Sol medical center in El Paso, TX.

books on shelves

Graduate Course Descriptions

Our courses allow graduate students to work closely with faculty while pursuing advanced study in literature, rhetoric, culture, and film.

Drawing in the Northern Light

Our Current Little Gallery Exhibition

Drawing in the Northern Light