CLA CollaborationCLA is hosting its second Scholarship and Creativity Fair this Thursday, May 29, to showcase the research and creative accomplishments of its faculty. The fair runs from 5 to 8 p.m. on the Club Level in Reser Stadium in Corvallis. It is free and open to the public, and especially students. This year, CLA will feature interactive displays, demonstrations, musical performances and more. Each of CLA's six schools will have a space to feature two or three projects. Faculty will compete in a 60-second “lecture slam,” where they present important findings and insights in a minute or less. Creative writers will team with a wind instrument group to perform.

“The goal of the fair is to bring the work of humanities faculty to the public in an accessible way,” said Peter Betjemann, an associate professor of English in the School of Art, Literature and Film and a coordinator of the event.

Featured Events

School of Arts and Communication

Colin Hesse – The Impact of Affectionate Communication on Psychological and Physiological Stress

Erin Gallagher – The Newcomer as Source of Uncertainty: Veteran Employee Information Seeking about New Hires

Todd Kesterson and Dan Faltesek – Depth: Vision, Code, and Big Data

School of History, Philosophy, and Religion

Gary Ferngren and Mike Osborne – History of Health, Disease, and Healing

Ben Mutschler and Bill Robbins – History of Oregon State University & Public History Joseph Orosco and Tony Vogt – Anarres Project for Alternative Futures

School of Language, Culture and Society

Loren Davis – Makerbot and Geoprobe: New Technologies in Archaeology

Daniel Lopez-Cevallos – Latino Health Disparities

Anuncia Escala and Mehra Shirazi - Dreams Before Extinction: A Transnational Art Exhibition

Natchee Barnd - Social Justice Tour of Corvallis

School of Public Policy

Sarah Henderson – Crisis in Russia and Ukraine

Ed Weber – Community Water Rights Mediation

Sally Duncan – OPAL—Community/ School Social Justice Research Partnerships

Amy Below and Kathleen Stanley – Internationalization of Undergraduate Education: The Case of Cuba as a Study Abroad Location

Todd Pugatch and Liz Schroeder– Teacher Incentives and Student Learning: Evidence from the Gambian Hardship

School of Psychological Science

John Edwards – Psychological Effects of Meditation

Aurora Sherman – The Barbie Project: What are kids learning from toys? David Kerr – Vitamin D for Winter Depression?

School of Writing, Literature and Film

Richmond Barbour and Rebecca Olson – Manuscripts and the Early Modern World, 1500-1660

Jon Lewis – History of American Film

Writing Event: Flash Publishing (or, the Six-Word Memoir)

60-Second Lecture Slam I

Blood, Sweat and Tears: Placing the Body in Religious Experience - Amy Koehlinger, Assistant Professor, School of History, Philosophy and Religion

An Argument for Counterargument - Tim Jensen, Assistant Professor, School of Writing, Literature and Film

The Supreme Court and the Red Pill - Rorie Solberg, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy

Hydropower as an Alternative Energy Source in China: The Moral Economy of Water and Power - Bryan Tilt, Associate Professor, School of Langurage, Culture and Society

Every Shoe Tells a Story: Social Justice, Equity, and Equality - Nana Osei-Kofi, Director of the Difference, Power, & Discrimination Program and Associate Professor, School of Langurage, Culture and Society

60-Second Lecture Slam II

I Predict a Riot: General strikes as a policy tool in Western Europe - Alison Johnston, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy

The Biggest Picture Book - Yuji Hiratsuka, Professor, School of Arts and Communication

’Darling mother, life is hell’: A history of emotions approach to First World War fighter pilots - Janet Lee, Professor, School of Language, Culture and Society

Looking Beyond the Face: Communicating with Facial Paralysis - Kathleen Bogart, Assistant Professor, School of Psychological Science

The Sources of Extraordinary Accomplishments in the Yoga Philosophy of Patañjali - Stuart Sarbacker, Associate Professor, School of History, Philosophy and Religion

Reser Club Level Stage Schedule

5:00 - Queer & Trans People of Color - Arts & Activism

5:20 - Bella Voce

5:50 - 60-Second Lecture Slam I

Do YOU have a minute? If so, stop by to learn something new. In this 60-second “lecture slam” some of the most dynamic professors in the College of Liberal Arts will race the clock to present some of their most important findings and insights.

6:20 - Voices from the Garden: Music, Poetry, Painting

6:50 - 60-Second Lecture Slam II

7:40 - Short Scenes from Julius Caesar