Alicia Baker will graduate with three musical specialties and professional experience under her belt.

Off the Beaten Path

History major Manaas Tripathi is heading to medical school after graduation.

Science that Breaks Your Heart: Coupling facts and morality to save our Earth

As a thinking community, we face a conundrum: Scientists uncover some of the empirical knowledge we need to save our planet and ourselves. Yet their devotion to neutrality — an unquestioned necessity in the lab — impedes their voices in the wider world.

The Invisible Fusion

Michael Nelson is an Environmental Humanities success story, a professional who transcends traditional conceptions of academic disciplines.

A Creative Venture

The College of Liberal Arts is hosting its inagural Scholarship and Creativity Fair on May 30.

A Calling in Pictures

Shae Wiliams unlocked a passion for photography at Oregon State.

Christopher Nichols

Fitting In

Christopher Nichols and his students focus on the role of the U.S. in the world.

Dr. Stephen J. Pyne: The Words We Use To Describe A World of Fire

One of the world's foremost experts on the history and management of fire talks about the use of language as it plays a role in preventing wildfires.

An Insightful Perspective: Gary Snyder and Environmental Humanities

Poet and author Gary Snyder came to Corvallis to offer his perspective on environmental issues through poetry.

Synapse Building: A World Café Among Climate Change Professionals

Climate change is a critical problem that supersedes disciplines and thus requires the combined resources, experiences, and wisdoms of all disciplines.