My campus practicum experience by James Thomas

My Campus Practicum experience:

I’m currently satisfying the practicum requirement of the Digital Communication Arts Major through my work with the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) here at OSU.

I work in the Center for Leadership Development which is one of the many areas hiring in our department.  My job responsibilities as a new media intern utilize many media related skills, and I have worked alongside every major center in SLI, as well as the Memorial Union Design Studio.

Skill used and / or learned while working:

                -web design and administration using the Drupal platform

                -video production and directing

                -motion graphics work

                -marketing events and managing accounts on social media

                -writing press releases to promote events

                -workshop facilitation and interactive presentation design

                -design thinking, and project management

                -blog planning, promotion, and production

                -storytelling design

                -meeting facilitation and leadership

                -creation, participation, and production of the leadership

                    conversation series, known as “Beaver Nation Voice”


                                          James Thomas

                                          BS. Digital Communication Arts, Media and Society, 14’