OSU sociology professor Lori Cramer winning the 2017 Excellence in Graduate Mentoring award.

Sociology Professor Lori Cramer has received the 2017 “Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award”. 

The Graduate School's Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award was established to recognize and encourage outstanding mentoring of graduate students by OSU Graduate Faculty members. Recipients will have direct and significant impact and involvement with graduate students, outstanding commitment and effectiveness as a mentor of graduate students, been innovative in mentoring, and have demonstrated unusual effort to provide consistent mentoring of graduate students during the course of their careers at OSU. Recipients of this award are Graduate Faculty members who have extraordinary records of excellence and effectiveness in activities such as facilitating smooth transitions for both entering and exiting graduate students; showing sensitivity to students' academic, personal and professional goals and needs; being accessible to students; playing an active role in effectively coaching graduate students through the graduate school experience and connecting them to appropriate intellectual and professional networks; and guiding graduate students toward intellectual and professional independence.