Informing and Improving Public Policy in Oregon and Beyond: The OSU Policy Analysis Laboratory (OPAL)

OPAL is currently providing opportunities for graduate students to conduct research on real world policy problems in fields such as education, energy, climate change, and disaster response. Students use the quantitative and qualitative skills they have learned in class to provide support to clients facing substantive issues in the policy world.

Our mission is to inform and improve public policy in Oregon and beyond through independent, objective, nonpartisan policy analysis conducted by OSU graduate students on major social, economic, ecological, and political issues. To accomplish this, we will draw upon the extensive research capacity of Oregon State University. 

We will train graduate students and engage faculty in a regionally-acclaimed knowledge enterprise that raises the standards of public policy debates and decisions and integrates social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Please see our web site for an overview of current projects, completed policy briefs, and information for clients on how to work with us.