Annie Lesny had Oregon State on her radar for a long time. A visit from an OSU Admissions Ambassador during her sophomore year of high school in San Francisco, convinced Lesny that our green campus and can-do spirit were just right for her.

Once she got to campus, though, finding a major proved tough. First, it was English. Next, Business. Then, she was undeclared. Finally, she found it! A major that combined the analysis of English with the people-focus of Business: Psychology.

Now, Lesny is at home not only at OSU, but in the lab, where she’s working as a research assistant. The study she’s working on examines karma, and how participants feel after doing something good in the world, like holding a door open for someone or listening to someone talk about their life.

Her participation has been vital to her studies. Research has helped the material Lesny is learning in class come to life and helps her better understand a subject she’s passionate about.

Besides being a CLA Ambassador and an undergraduate researcher, she is a DJ and acts in a variety show on KBVR, OSU’s radio and TV station. She sings in an EDM band and performs in Corvallis.

Lesny hopes to continue studying Psychology in graduate school, and ultimately wants to become a music therapist. Lesny says that anyone who knows her knows that she only has one hour of free time a week. But that’s okay. She’s doing the things she loves, and she wouldn't have it any other way.