Flyer for Winter 2022 Courses in Queer Studies at Oregon State University Corvallis

Queer Studies at Oregon State University offers an undergraduate minor in on the Corvallis campus and on Ecampus, master’s and doctoral-level minors on the Corvallis campus, and participates in the MAIS program.


QS/WGSS 262-400: Introduction to Queer Studies
Michael Floyd, MSW CRNs: 35038; 35037

QS/WGSS 321-400: Queer Pop Culture
Michael Floyd, MSW CRNs: 36302; 35037

QS/WGSS 462-400: Queer Theories
Michael Floyd, MSW CRNs: 34521; 34522


QS/WGSS 262-001: Introduction to Queer Studies
MWF 11-1:50 am CRNs: 34366; 34355

Qs/WGSS 524: Trans/gender politics
Dr. H. Rakes MW 12-1:50 PM CRN: 40574