goat yoga
SWLF graduate students in WR 585: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory: Animal and Ecological Rhetorics visited the Original Goat Yoga in Monroe, Oregon.

Taught by associate professor Ehren Pflugfelder, who teaches courses in professional/technical writing, new media studies, and rhetoric and composition, WR 585 asks: Is rhetoric an evolutionary trait? Can rhetoric be feral? How do forests think? Is an antelope a document? Do glaciers listen? How is a clam bed like a rhetorical network? Contemporary Rhetorical Theory examines scholars, concepts, and methodologies that are central to recent rhetorical theory, while also touching on key critical theorists who, although may be outside the field of rhetoric studies, impact the ways in which language, persuasion, and communication are currently understood. The course focuses on a few interrelated areas: animal rhetorics, environmental rhetorics, and rhetorical ecologies.

Musings on the experience can be found here

Photos provided by Ehren Pflugfelder and Haley McKinnon