CSSA Class of 2018 tossing their caps at graduation ceremony
From our renown faculty to the cohort experience, our theory-to-practice model to Corvallis's idyllic college town setting, there are many reasons why students from all over the country and world choose to pursue their master's degrees through OSU's College Student Services Administration program. Some of our current students share how and why they chose to make CSSA their home. 


"I chose CSSA because I believe higher education should be accessible to all whom wish to attend. I also believe that once students have decided to attend a higher education institution they should be supported in both academic and personal growth no matter their gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and/or ability. Each of us have the power and ability to move mountains and break the chains that tether us. Education is one of the many pathways towards liberation and I'm excited to continue my journey on this path."

- Tamara Lash, Class of 2020


"Something that you'll hear a lot of us say is that we 'just sort of ended up here,' and I'm no exception. Though I may not be able to draw you a detailed map of how I landed in this program, with all of these beautiful people, there's one thing I know for sure - it was fate! As an east coast girl, moving to the PNW was always a seemingly far-fetched dream. This program gave me the opportunity to make it a reality, along with the incredible opportunity to learn with a cohort of amazing, diverse, passionate people. Higher Education is a calling, and I'm grateful to get the chance to answer it while learning from my cohort, our faculty and this campus community."

- Abby Essinger, Class of 2019


"I literally spent a couple of years searching for a program or degree that spoke to me. Through some mentors at OSU, I was directed to look into CSSA. I've always been a strong advocate for education and how important it is to affect change, so returning to higher education began to make sense. It became crystal clear after meeting some of the professors and learning how similar student affairs work is to social work (my previous career). The program's desire to teach and promote social justice and equity rang very true for me and was what I wanted in a program."

Kevin Schultz, Class of 2019


"I'm passionate about the opportunities for personal growth in higher education, and I intend to promote student development and advocate for policies that support student needs through a career in student affairs. I chose CSSA because I value the emphasis on social justice, the flexibility of the curriculum, the cohort model, and the variety of practical experiences. I love that OSU provides me with the opportunity to explore both student affairs and coursework in the wider graduate school!"

- Jenn Kuan, Class of 2020


"I choose CSSA because it just felt right. That is vague, so I will explain. I had interviewed at University of Denver and Miami University of Ohio. Both amazing programs with amazing faculty. The programs I applied to were all very similar. All three had a social justice theme, cohort style programs, and the compensation packages were all similar. However, in the end it was the home-like feel of Corvallis and Oregon State that won me over. I loved that Larry Roper treated my mom and I to coffee when I came to visit the campus. We talked about higher education, my goals, and how he got to be the Larry Roper. I felt intimated and nervous at the other institutions. I was even a little nervous to ask where the restroom was. Here, I felt I would be challenged but equally supported (a little Student Development Theory, there for you!). Having just left Chico, CA, Corvallis reminded me so much of my alma mater. A cute college town, not too far away from bigger cities. It was a change but one that felt familiar in many ways. This made my transition smoother and I felt a lot more comfortable entering this chapter of my life. I am happy to have chosen CSSA because I’ve met some amazing folks who will make a difference in this field one day. I just feel lucky to be able to share in each other’s journeys."

- Gemma Navarro, Class of 2019


"I chose the CSSA, program because I believe in providing support to students who come from underrepresented backgrounds. I want to allow students to be successful by providing them with resources to transition to college, and collaborate to make a campus that is welcoming to students of all backgrounds. It is my belief, that with the success of college access programs comes a call to action on the part of colleges and universities to react, grow and change to support the needs of these students. As a first-generation college student, I found navigating higher education to be a race in which I had come dressed incorrectly with the wrong shoes, no water, and lack of training. Meeting the Academic Support Coordinator, changed my outlook and gave me the support I needed to adjust the academic environment, gain experience in successful study habits and ultimately be a successful student. Creating a supportive environment that is receptive to the needs of students and provides support is something I want to be a part of and see grow in College and University Services."

Angela Turpen, Class of 2020