ADAM Audio presentation at OSU in June, 2019

Experiential learning with industry pros

A truly compelling mix might take hundreds of hours

Fifth Annual Graduate Conference in Environmental Arts and Humanities

Students from the Pacific Northwest share their scholarship.

EAH Launches Accelerated MA Degree for Sustainability Double Degree Undergraduates

Find out how you can get a head start on your MA degree.

Radicalizing Food

EAH student Laura Bennett studies the root causes of injustice in local food systems.

OSU Forensics: New Season. New Students, New Win

Pictured (l-r): Kaitlyn Blake, Megan Baus, Sachin Betrabet, Victoria Elligsen, Kaden Meyers, Uwe Keist, Coi Holloway, Simon Millsap.

Luhui Whitebear, activist and PhD candidate in the WGSS program.

We don't live 'in' the current system. It lives on top of us Indigenous people, says Luhui Whitebear, activist and PhD candidate in the WGSS program.

Whitebear talks about how activism and her work with tribal communities inspires and enriches her scholarship.

Photo of Hevani at the MU

A Versatile Degree Can Take You Anywhere

"The biggest skill I’ve learned by being a Philosophy major is how to think critically and communicate that through verbal and written form." Hevani Fifita PHL ‘19

Alex Pho in snowy landscape

Continuing the Pursuit of an Examined Life

Alex Pho PHL ‘18 is pursuing a PhD in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Group photo of OSU's STEM diversity program

Meet the minds behind OSU's STEM diversity program

WGSS faculty members Dr. Susan Shaw and Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi bring the unique angles of intersectionality and systems of oppression theory to the Oregon State ADVANCE program.

PhD Candidate Jennifer Venable

WGSS PhD Candidate Jennifer Venable hopes to make Cajun women's voices heard and recognized

Venable seeks to create space in academic scholarship for Cajun women's experiences and their contribution to Cajun culture.