Victoria Elligsen, Mikayla Heston, Kaden Meyers, and Uwe Keist

Jon Lewis at the Darkside

Now Playing: SWLF at The Darkside

Proprietor Paul Turner and SWLF collaborate on bringing film classes to a whole new venue.

Photo of Alum Shara Howard holding a vintage hat

Every structure, artifact and event has a story.

Shara Howard HST'17 is telling them.

Photo of student Sarah Settimo

Reflections on the Path to a Religious Studies Major

Sarah Settimo REL'18 was drawn to OSU because she wanted a different experience than the one she had when attending a small private Catholic high school.

Photo of student Jasen Phillips

A Philosopher's Path

Jasen Phillips PHL'18 came to the US from his native Germany about four years ago as a high school exchange student.

Photo of student Eve Ashkar

Following Her Path Through the Pages of History

Eve Ashkar's HST '19 grandfather, who is a big history buff, inspired her to pursue a History degree.

The Role of Ethics in Confronting Radical Environmental Challenges

An Interview with EAH Affiliated Faculty Allen Thompson about the Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics

The Summer Workshop on Frontiers in Humanistic Studies

Students from Beijing Normal University attended Oregon State for three weeks of intensive training in literary studies, critical theory, visual culture, American academic writing, and film studies.

Photo of History Alum Pat Stone class of 1974

OSU Alum Pat Stone reflects on the value and unexpected benefits of a history degree.

Find out how a history degree made such a big impact on his life.

Courtney Kyer with America Ferrera

NABbing opportunities

The NAB Show is a powerful networking opportunity and learning laboratory for NAB Scholars