Where should I go if I need help with Canvas? 

You can click on the “Help” button within Canvas (located on the bottom left side the screen) to search Canvas help guides or live chat with Canvas Support.   The Canvas Support Hotline can be reached 24/7 by dialing +1-833-822-0336.  You could also send an email to Canvas@oregonstate.edu.   You may also reach out to OSU IS Learning Platform Services.

Where should I go if I need help with Zoom? 

For assistance with technical issues, Zoom Support is available 24x7.  You can call 888-799-8854.  You may also Submit a support ticket to Zoom or visit support.zoom.us for more resources.  You may also choose to contact OSU Information Services Service Desk Support by calling 541-737-8787 or submitting a support ticket to the IS Service Desk.

Where can I access the Canvas Remote Teaching Template?  How do I migrate the template into my Canvas Course?  Will the template disrupt any pre- existing Canvas course materials? 

The Canvas Remote Teaching Template is available here.  While in your Spring term Canvas course, click on the "Import from Commons" button.  Next, you'll need to enter the Commons (you'll receive a prompt to verify your email).  Next search for Oregon State University Remote Teaching Canvas Template.  Click on it.  Select to "Import to Course."  You can then select the course you want to add the template info into.  It takes a few minutes, but the template modules will be added to the bottom of your existing course content (your pre-existing content will not be deleted).

Do I have to use Zoom for all of my Spring Term teaching?  

You have the option to use Zoom as much or as little as you deem appropriate for your class.  In order for you to fully answer this question, you will want to consider the type of course you are teaching (intro-level lecture course, research seminar, WIC course, colloquium, etc.), your course objectives, and your students’ access to a reliable internet connection.  The Remote Teaching Peer Support Team can help you work through your options and weigh the potential advantages, drawbacks, and considerations when using Zoom.

What if I have previously developed an Ecampus version of my Spring term class?   

You may utilize the same materials for your on-campus course.  Ecampus Faculty Support (EcampusFacultySupport@oregonstate.edu) can help with the migration.   Please be aware, though, that some students may not have a computer or unlimited internet access.  Students who signed up for on-campus classes in the Spring did not do so with the expectation that they would need to stream media.  Be prepared to make other arrangements for such students.

How to Add a TA or Observer to my Course Canvas site? 

This Canvas tutorial can guide you through the process. 

Where should I send my students for technical issues?

Rev. 4/15/2020