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Global Learning

Where are you from? 

I am from Lebanon, Oregon, which is thirty minutes from Corvallis.

What drew you to English and global learning as your fields of interest?

Reading has always been my greatest passion. From an early age, I never went anywhere without a book. The books I read taught me about other cultures, and I became interested in traveling and going on adventures. When it came to choosing a major, English was the one I felt most confident in, and I couldn’t imagine doing something without literature. From there, I added a global learning certificate to explore my passion for traveling. Since then, I have had opportunities to travel abroad; rather than reading about adventures in books, I have been able to experience these adventures myself in Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. 

What has been your experience as a student of both the College of Liberal Arts and the Honors College?

The Honors College and College of Liberal Arts have been amazing! I recently studied abroad in London with the Honors College, which has become one of my favorite experiences as a student. On this trip, students and professors got to know each other well outside of an academic setting, which was unique. In addition to the fantastic programs like study abroad, I love the smaller class sizes and exciting classes both colleges offer. 

Have you started your honors thesis? If yes, what's the topic and/or focus of your research? If not, are you considering any ideas so far?

I recently found a mentor and am in the process of finalizing ideas before beginning my thesis. Currently, my thesis idea is to look at how people find medical information from non-medical places. For example, how do people get accurate medical information from places like Wikipedia, and how do they become experts in diagnoses compared to the medical authority? This topic interests me because I was born with a rare genetic disorder, which has little research done on it. I have often wondered how I have become more of an expert on this disorder compared to many doctors I’ve seen, so researching this topic is helpful to me and others who feel the same way.  

What have been some of your favorite classes taken?

My favorite classes include Native American Flute, Intercultural Communication, South American Literature, and a Survey of Theater. These classes analyze different cultures and ways of looking at the world in new ways. For my English classes, I love the literature of the world series, which analyzes literature from different parts of the world.

What are you hoping to do after you graduate?

Since middle school, I have been interested in becoming a children's librarian in a public library. However, I have recently become interested in teaching English abroad, and I hope to combine my two career goals into one. Ideally, I would like to help children learn how to read in places with little book access or build libraries in areas without them. After graduating, I hope to work towards these goals by attending graduate school for a master's degree in library and information science or finding an internship to work with children abroad.

How do you feel that your experience in CLA and HC is setting you up for success?

The College of Liberal Arts has taught me skills across multiple disciplines, which I can use in any professional setting for my career. Additionally, the Honors College thesis is helpful for future research and any applications for jobs or graduate school. Together, these experiences have built my confidence and helped me create goals for the type of life I want to pursue.