student sitting on stairs looking at camera

Where are you from? 

I’m from Eagle River, Alaska, a suburb of Anchorage.

What drew you to psychology, biology, and leadership as your fields of interest?

When I was deciding what I wanted to pursue in my education, I thought about what my strengths were and what fields primarily utilized them. Psychology was an obvious choice because I am a people person, and I realized I wanted to be a part of the science of understanding human beings. I value interpersonal relationships and truly getting to know people’s experiences, so studying psychology is a passion rather than just a path forward. Along the way I’ve added leadership and biology minors, which both add key context and understanding to my discipline. Studying leadership was essential for growing not only my teamwork and project management skills, but also understanding individual behavior and knowing that everyone has different needs. 

What has been your experience as a student of both the College of Liberal Arts and the Honors College?

My experience in both begins as a transfer student, and is defined by equal returns for my efforts. I transferred to OSU from University of Alaska Anchorage, and I have built a strong base of development as an SPS student ambassador and participating in the SHAID research lab. I also transferred into the Honors College my junior year. At first, I was intimidated by the Honors College, because I was skeptical of my ability to succeed in honors courses. But I realized after connecting with HC students that this was perfect for me. I know now that the courses are designed to make learning easier, and I have enjoyed getting to know professors and my peers in the HC. 

Have you started your honors thesis? If yes, what’s the topic and/or focus of your research? If not, are you considering any ideas so far?

I am just beginning my thesis project! I am currently carefully crafting my IRB approval form so that I can begin conducting my actual project, hopefully sometime in winter term! I will be investigating the “Lucid Dreaming Experiences” of students at OSU to evaluate certain correlations between lucid dreaming ability and two other variables. Hopefully, my survey will have large participation so that I can work on a publishable second stage of this project past graduation and the scope of an honors thesis. 

What have been some of your favorite classes taken?

Basically all of my psych courses, especially Behavior Modification. But recently, completing my colloquia requirements I had a blast taking Difficult Conversations, The Bioethics of Star Trek, and Philosophy and Happiness. 

What are you hoping to do after you graduate?

It is my aim to continue on to graduate school for a PhD in clinical psychology. 

How do you feel that your experience in CLA and HC is setting you up for success?

I think the emphasis on completing projects, improving writing and networking skills, the importance of self motivation, and working to prepare for what comes next after graduation while students are still enrolled are so helpful.