What makes up a complete law school application?

Individual law school applications 
Almost all law schools' applications are accessible online.  You can either download the application directly from law schools' websites or request that they send you one.  Usually, if the application is available online, law schools would like you to use it rather than a paper application.

Another option for obtaining applications is to use the Law School Admission Council's LSACD on the Web.  All LSDAS registrants with LSAC online accounts have free access to electronic applications for all ABA-approved law schools.

The LSACD on the Web is a time-saving way to apply to multiple law schools.  The LSACD's common-information form can save you time by allowing you to answer basic questions only once - the program will place your answers in the appropriate spot in every application you select.  The LSACD allows you to attach your personal statements, resumes, and other written information electronically