The Liberal Arts Advantage

Problem solvers are made here. A degree in the liberal arts takes you where you want to go, no matter what you want to be. What's more, the values and skills you'll learn will not only make your life richer, but your community's, too. 

The Entrepreneur

Vanessa Keitges’ philosophy degree is an essential part of her successful career. In her job as a CEO of a green roofing company in Portland, Ore., she needs to build great partnerships, be a visionary and negotiate — all while maintaining a strong moral compass. And a liberal arts degree helped her get there. 

CLA’s Career Champion

Karla Rockhold is dedicated to teaching CLA students about the wide array of options they have after graduation. “I tell students how to jump over barriers, go around them, knock them down. I teach them the that the only thing keeping them from pursuing their passions is their own drive to get there."

Paying it Forward

A conversation with an immigration attorney got Alan Duran (’14) thinking about law school. But Duran was undocumented, and thought that his options were limited. That was 8 years ago. Duran is now a U.S. citizen, a CLA alumnus, a law school graduate and an attorney.